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Image: Elana Freeland tells Dan Happel: Global elites want people to be machines and slaves – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) The global elites want people to be machines and slaves, according to writer and lecturer Elana Freeland.

“The human being is an extraordinary being involved in evolution. And now what they want to do, they being the global elites and whoever or whatever is controlling them, they want us to be not divine anymore. They want us to be machines and they want us to be slaves and be merged in a very intimate way with artificial intelligence,” Freeland told Dan Happel during the June 28 episode of “Connecting The Dots” on Brighteon.TV.

Freeland, who researches and writes about Deep State issues, added that these global elites want people to be food, energy and batteries for the spiritual entities that are utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum for their operations using the technologies that people came up with.

The author, who is best known for her book “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth,” also said that the entire planet has been intentionally made for the transhuman cyborg model and not for the natural human, which is being killed through geoengineering and nanotechnology.

Freeland pointed to the changes that have happened to the Earth’s atmosphere and environment since the 1970s. She noted that the environment is being made to be very unfriendly to a natural human existence and being prepared for what she calls a human cyborg, or transhuman.

She also mentioned that some of the metallic, heavy metal nanoparticles that have been deployed in space as part of the smart grid or space fence laid down by Lockheed Martin are coming down all the way to the troposphere with people breathing it in and entering into their lungs, bloodstream and brain.


“The nanotechnology that people have breathed in from all of the drops and deliveries from the geoengineering programs is how people got the nanotechnology in them, and that it is connected as a transceiver, transmitter and receiver to the 5G and 6G systems that are being run by various people and their underlings,” she said.

People are now going into the machine era

The world is now in the midst of the machine era.

Freeland pointed out that people now have the rudiments of machine life in them with the nanotechnology that is inside their bodies. The global elites are attempting to drive people into being a machine species through what they call the brain computer interface which is already being introduced by Elon Musk’s Neuralink and Neurolace. (Related: Globalists push transhumanism agenda with computer chips inserted into humans via COVID injections.)

She also mentioned about the hydrogel, graphene oxide and luciferase that are being pumped into people. “People need to awaken about these things,” Freeland said. “People have now been turned into labs, beakers and test tubes and we must find a way to remain human in a human body and not into a machine body.”

Happel commented that the global elites are using people who are collectivists and environmentalists to destroy those who are trying to sound the alarm and blow the trumpet about their agenda.

Freeland agreed. “It was a brilliant move by the global elites to use the environmental movement and turn it into something destructive through lies, deception and media control,” she said.

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