Pride marchers in Seattle exposed genitals to young children while police did nothing

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Image: Pride marchers in Seattle exposed genitals to young children while police did nothing

(Natural News) A “family-friendly” LGBT pride event in Seattle turned pedophilicbig shocker – after adult marchers stripped off their clothes and started dangling their disease-infested genitals in front of underage children.

The first “Gay Pride” event to occur there in three years – because Western Washington remains deathly afraid of the Fauci Flu, aka the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) – Seattle’s pride event featured obese, effeminate biological males on bicycles and on foot prancing through the streets in their birthday suits.

Children on the sidelines of the event – whose parents deserve to have a millstone strung around their necks and thrown into the sea – were exposed to all sorts of hideous and disturbing LGBT genitalia as the crowd masses cheered the perversion.

While all of this was happening, a Boy Scouts troop – you really cannot make this stuff up – was also seen marching amid all that filth with both American and LGBT “rainbow” flags in tow.

“The parade kicked off around 11 a.m. with members of the Boys and Girls Scouts of America, who marched in uniformed fashion while proudly holding both American and Pride flags,” reports The Post Millennial – a video of the “scouts,” as they are now generically calling themselves, can be seen below:

LGBTs wish they could shed their perversion “uniform,” but it’s who they are

According to NPR the Girl Scouts were able to remain a group exclusively for girls because, well, women get special privileges in the new America. If you are a boy, however, then there are no more exclusive groups for you to participate in and enjoy a normal, healthy fraternity.

Almost immediately after the Scouts passed by on the parade route, a large group of naked LGBT cyclists appeared and started circling around like vultures as their obesity-wedged reproductive organs tossed about in the wind.

“Some were partially covered in body paint, while others decided to leave nothing to the eye unseen,” the Millennial‘s Katie Daviscourt wrote about the incident.


Amazingly (or perhaps not), the perversion festival saw more than half a million attendees, as well as 200 different participating groups. Yes, America is spiritual Sodom and Egypt, the modern reincarnation of the Sodom and Gomorrah of old.

The Seattle Fire Department participated in the debauchery, and Seattle Police were originally supposed to show up until event organizers banned them for political reasons, presumably due to Black Lives Matter (BLM).

“(Police officers) need to recognize the privilege that they hold,” said Krystal Marx, executive director of Seattle Pride, to local media. “They get to take off their uniform every day, (whereas) we don’t get to take off our queerness.”

Such a statement suggests that LGBTs are really not all that proud like they claim they are, and deep down inside wish they could shed the uniform of perversion and evil that they love to parade around for the world to see, including in front of children, infants, toddlers, and even babies.

This year represents the first time that the Seattle Police have not participated in Seattle Pride since 1994, reports indicate. More than 100 employees of the Seattle Police Department (SPD) self-identify as LGBTs.

After the parade portion of the day was over, Pride Fest attendees waddled their way over to the Seattle Center for follow-up festivities including singing, dancing, and of course a clothing-optional water fountain “party.”

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