Natural gas prices expected to TRIPLE in Germany as Western Europe cuts off its own energy supply from Russia

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Image: Natural gas prices expected to TRIPLE in Germany as Western Europe cuts off its own energy supply from Russia

(Natural News) By the time 2023 rolls around, natural gas prices in some European countries could double or even triple because they refuse to buy it from Russia in rubles.

Marcell Göttert from Agenda Austria, a Vienna-based research institute, said that Austria, which heavily relies on Russian energy exports, will more than likely see a doubling in costs before the end of the year. Neighbor Germany is in the same boat, though its costs could triple.

It will take at least until the year 2024 before prices level out, let alone decrease. And this is a best-case scenario, meaning it could take much longer to see any kind of relief.

Austrian consumers are already paying about 60 percent more for natural gas than they were last year. Germany is in even worse shape, prompting Climate Action Minister Robert Habeck to announce that the country is now in a level-two emergency.

“We are in a gas crisis,” Habeck said. “Gas is now a scarce commodity. The prices are already high and we have to be prepared for further increases.”

Habeck went on to pin the blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is Putin’s fault that Germany is refusing to purchase energy in rubles, Habeck claimed.

“We must not delude ourselves: cutting gas supplies is an economic attack on us by Putin,” Habeck said. “It is clearly Putin’s strategy to create insecurity, drive up prices and divide us as a society.”

If Western Europe wants to keep the heat on this winter, it’s going to have to revert back to a non-green energy model

Much of Western Europe, which proudly went “green,” is now having to revert back to coal in order to meet electricity demand. This, too, is the result of its refusal to play ball with Russia.


Instead of dropping the sanctions and agreeing to cooperate with Russia, Western Europe is doubling down on depriving its citizens of cheap and abundant energy. As a result, the continent faces a potential collapse in the coming days.

“To reduce gas consumption, less gas must be used to generate electricity,” Habeck added. “Coal-fired power plants will have to be used more instead. That’s bitter, but it’s simply necessary in this situation to lower gas usage.”

Germany had previously announced plans to completely phase out all of its coal-powered power plants in order to create a green utopia. Those plans will now have to remain on hold until the country can figure out some other way to import non-green energy from somewhere other than Russia and continue pretending as though it is doing the planet a favor.

Either that, or Germany will have to fire back up all of its own non-green energy plants. If it does not do this, there is sure to be a lights out crisis once the cold winter months arrive later this year.

“There is not just an energy crisis unfolding but also a food shortage crisis as well,” wrote a reader at Breitbart News. “The ‘elites’ are not going to let a convenient war that they planned go to waste since they factored famine into their new world order roadmap.”

Another pointed out that there is also a long-term population decline and reductionism model factored in as well. All of these shortages and impending famines are deliberate, in other words.

“Climate change, the alleged climate crisis, and climate reparations are collectively the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the masses,” added another. “It is all artificial to destroy the Western free world.”

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