Food inflation desperation leads to VIOLENT ATTACKS in grocery stores

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Image: Food inflation desperation leads to VIOLENT ATTACKS in grocery stores

(Natural News) As food inflation worsens, a sense of desperation is seizing the minds of the American people, and some of them are lashing out in acts of violence against workers at grocery stores and other food retail locations. America is now seeing a shocking rise in retail location violence that seems destined to only get worse.

Joe Biden’s catastrophic economic and energy policies have led to a 400% increase in the price of fertilizer, a 100% increase in the price of diesel fuel, supply chain disruptions and food production shortfalls. Even infant formula has been in a supply chain crisis, and the cost of agricultural inputs today means far higher prices in the coming months.

The result is record high food inflation that keeps getting worse. Higher costs of food gobble up higher percentages of discretionary incomes for consumers, hitting low-income consumers especially hard. When food prices rise to the point of requiring 50% of a person’s income just to eat, history tells us that societies break down and lurch into uprisings and revolts.

Now, even the New York Times (via Yahoo News) is covering the trend, reporting that violence against grocery and retail workers is exploding:

In her 37 years in the grocery industry, said Kim Cordova, a union president in Colorado, she had never experienced the level of violence that her members face today.

“What happened with COVID?” said Cordova, president of Local 7 of the United Food and Commercial Workers. “People have changed. Sometimes I wonder if I am living in a Netflix movie. This can’t be real.”


But it is real, just as food inflation is real. Elections have consequences and rigged elections have catastrophic consequences because the criminals who stole the election never had the backing of the American people. So they destroyed the economy, shut down energy infrastructure, set fire to food production facilities and diluted the value of the dollar through haphazard money printing. The result? Fewer and fewer Americans can afford to pay for basic necessities like food.

Grocery chains are tired of being ransacked by criminals, especially when those criminals are protected by left-wing District Attorneys in blue cities where criminals are granted a kind of “left-wing privilege” to loot and steal whatever they want.

“These criminals feel like they own the store,” said Tony Settles, a clerk at a Safeway in downtown Denver.

Now, many grocery workers and grocery chains want to fight back. From that same story:

The union negotiated a contract that ensures workers have the right to defend themselves if a customer attacks them. It is a grim acknowledgment of not only the violence plaguing many facets of American society but the increasing unwillingness of retail employees to keep turning the other cheek to crime in their stores.

This is what happens when you allow criminals to violate the law without consequences – another disastrous “progressive” idea

This is all the result, of course, of what happens when you abandon the idea that criminals should be stopped and arrested rather than allowed to continue stealing. When retail establishments are told that shoplifting is essentially legalized — and that’s exactly the case in many left-wing cities — they are paralyzed and can’t do anything to stop the continued thefts. Even when thieves threaten or attack store employees, retail establishments are told to back down because criminals are granted high privilege in progressive society.

They can do almost anything they want, without any consequences. They essentially exhibit what left-wing propagandists call “white privilege,” but in this case, most of the thieves aren’t white.

As the NYT explains:

From 2018 to 2020, assaults reported to the FBI by law enforcement agencies overall rose 42%; they increased 63% in grocery stores and 75% in convenience stores.

Those numbers will keep rising until retail store owners and employees start defending their lives and their property. This is easily accomplished with firearms, of course, but leftists are also irrationally anti-gun, and they don’t want store managers being armed. They would apparently rather dial 911 and wait around while the cops do nothing and the thieves assault their employees.

“While the political debate swirls about the extent of the crime and its causes, many of the people staffing the stores say retailers have been too permissive of crime, particularly theft. Some employees want more armed security guards who can take an active role in stopping theft,” says the NYT. But once again, “progressives” hate the idea of using security guards, both in grocery stores and in schools. They would rather post, “Gun free zone” signs and pretend that signage stops shootings. This is equivalent to pretending that men can get pregnant. If your beliefs are rooted in fantasy and delusion, you’re not going to have much success dealing with reality. (And no, men don’t have periods and don’t need tampons, either.)

The reality is that as food inflation gets far worse, grocery and convenience store employees are going to face a rising number of violent attacks. We expect to see flash mob looting of grocery stores before the end of this year, and food prices are no doubt going to continue to climb to alarming levels in 2023 and possibly beyond.

In some areas, grocery stores will become war zones

It’s now abundantly obvious that as food prices skyrocket, grocery stores are going to be hit with a wave of violent attackers who are desperate to feed themselves and their families. As the attacks intensify, many food retailers will simply decide to close up shop in high-risk areas. This, in turn, will deprive law-abiding customers access to food, only worsening food scarcity and panic, leading to an expanding wave of desperation and lawlessness.

Perhaps defunding the police in blue cities wasn’t the best idea after all. And voting George Soros-funded DAs into power — who routinely set criminals free instead of charging them — is backfiring badly.

When honest people are starving, they tend to do radical things they wouldn’t normally do. When dishonest people are starving, they go completely off the reservation and are willing to threaten or harm almost anyone to acquire food. We are going to see society collapse into its most animalistic tendencies as this food scarcity crisis unfolds, and the blue cities where most inhabitants reject Christian values and despise morality and ethics are going to be hit the hardest.

Personally, I expect to see many blue cities burning before the end of this year, and 2023 may be even worse. I also expect to see food riots, food rationing and price controls.

Right now, the importance of growing your own food can’t be overstated. My friend Marjory Wildcraft teaches these skills at, as she’s an expert at growing food when it really counts. Sadly, most Americans don’t know how to grow food. Very few have stockpiled any real food supplies, either, so the “perfect storm” is set for the oblivious masses to be plunged into total panic as food inflation and food scarcity both worsen with shocking speed.

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