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Image: Dr. Duke Pesta tells Dr. Daniel Bobinski: Americans not paying attention to shocking changes in schools – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Dr. Duke Pesta thinks Americans are not paying attention to the shocking changes happening in schools. The well-known university professor shared this view on the June 23 episode of Dr. Daniel Bobinski’s “Keep the Republic” program on Brighteon.TV.

When asked about the indoctrination happening in public schools, Pesta remarked that making people aware of it is “very necessary because people are not aware or not paying any attention to the really big changes going on in schools now.”

According to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh professor, a teacher is not an effective teacher unless he or she can put children’s educational needs as their primary focus. The best teachers, he added, are the ones who are committed to opening up the academic world to their students.

Pesta also shared his opinion on the LGBT ideology permeating American schools nowadays, following a TikTok video showed by Bobinski. He said that such “narcissistic” LGBT public school teachers are using children for their own psychic gratitude and vanity.

The host of the “Dr. Duke Show” podcast added that those kinds of teachers are misleading children and “projecting their own psychosis upon them.”

Bobinski agreed, adding that the term “groomer” came to mind. Pesta continued by saying that groomers are brainwashing children to accept all kinds of alternate, illogical and anti-scientific things.

Pesta outlines alternatives to public schools

The “Keep the Republic” host said he and his wife homeschooled their children, and subsequently took the opportunity to ask Pesta about his FreedomProject Academy (FPA). (Related: More parents report homeschooling their children amid coronavirus pandemic.)


The professor explained that the FPA is a solution for parents looking for alternatives to public school. Pesta noted that the academy is completely accredited and offers classes from kindergarten to high school.

FPA noted in its website that the academy “remains staunchly opposed to the implementation of Common Core in public, private and homeschool curricula and will not tolerate Common Core teaching methods or materials in our own classrooms.” This opposition had been possible because the academy did not accept “a penny of state or federal money.”

“We are a live school, which means we have real teachers talking to kids. [We have] 20 to 30 kids in each class, depending on the nature of the class. The kids can talk to each other, so we do actually have a classroom environment that is state of the art,” said Pesta.

The “Dr. Duke Show” host touted that the FPA teaches classical education and Judeo-Christian values — the kind of education American parents want. He added that FPA school children have never missed a single day of class due to the pandemic or a school shooter, and that they never had any interactions with LGBT teachers.

But for those who prefer homeschooling, Pesta said parents can typically do it for two to three hours daily. He explained that parents are able to work and spend a little time before, after and in-between work shifts to educate their children.

“It’s doable. If you want to make a commitment to helping your kid, you can do it, you definitely can do it. You’re living proof that it’s not expensive and it’s very effective,” Pesta told Bobinski.



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