LAPD files charges against man for attempted murder during pro-abortion protest following ‘Roe’ decision

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Image: LAPD files charges against man for attempted murder during pro-abortion protest following ‘Roe’ decision

(Natural News) Once again, the left is proving that they are the ones who easily transition to violence if they don’t get their way, not the pro-American right.

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s very proper, very constitutional decision overturning Roe v. Wade after 50 years and allowing states the right to decide the issue of abortion on their terms, far-left crybabies upset over the ruling naturally took to the streets and began committing acts of violence while making threats.

Los Angeles was no different, of course, but there, police were forced to take action against one lunatic who allegedly attempted to murder some of them, according to Breitbart News:

Michael Ortiz, 30, and Juliana Bernado, 23, were among those arrested during a clash with police officers in downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Michel Moore said.

“The vast majority of those involved were peaceful and law-abiding, however, a much smaller group of individuals took to the streets with the intention of creating chaos and destruction,” the LAPD said.

The protests extended well into the night after Friday’s ruling before some protesters began “throwing fireworks and other makeshift weapons” at responding LAPD officers trying to keep the peace.

So many people gathered and began to get rowdy that the department declared an unlawful assembly after demonstrators streamed onto downtown streets, with some briefly blocking traffic on a pair of freeways.

Ortiz was allegedly among those members. He stands accused of throwing a makeshift flamethrower at one officer who later had to be treated for burns; he was charged with the attempted murder of a police officer, according to a report by KTLA.


At one point during the protests, Bernado allegedly tried to take one officer’s baton and she was subsequently taken into custody as well, as noted by the New York Post. She now faces potential charges of resisting arrest.

“I condemn the violence against officers that occurred last night and into today,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore noted in a news release.

“Individuals participating in such criminal activity are not exercising their 1st Amendment rights in protest of the Supreme Court decision, rather, they are acting as criminals. The Department will vigorously pursue prosecution of these individuals.”

The protests come on the heels of a memo issued by the Department of Homeland Security warning of a dramatic increase in violence following the ruling.

“Some domestic violent extremists (DVEs) will likely exploit the recent US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe V. Wade to intensify violence against a wide range of targets,” DHS said.

“We expect violence could occur for weeks following the release, particularly as DVEs may be mobilized to respond to changes in state laws and ballot measures on abortion stemming from the decision,” the warning continued.

“We base this assessment on an observed increase in violent incidents across the United States following the unauthorized disclosure in May of a draft majority opinion on the case,” the memo adds.

The report went on to state that federal and state government officials, including judges, were the most at risk of being targeted.

“In late May, a network of loosely affiliated suspected violent extremists, known as ‘Jane’s Revenge’—which has been linked to arson attacks against the buildings of ideological opponents—shared a post online encouraging a ‘night of rage’ following the Supreme Court announcement, stating, ‘we need the state to feel our full wrath’ and ‘we need them to be afraid of us,’” the document said.

“An individual is now awaiting trial for a plot in June to kill a US Supreme Court Justice in response to the draft opinion. A separate incident in Michigan involved vandalism claimed by ‘Jane’s Revenge’ on a building that houses a US Representative’s campaign office and a pro-life advocacy group,” the DHS document added.

The intelligence report also warned that domestic terrorists could potentially violently attack “ideological opponents” at “first amendment protected events.”

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