Teammate of transgender “female” swimmer Lia Thomas says his medals should be stripped

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Image: Teammate of transgender “female” swimmer Lia Thomas says his medals should be stripped

(Natural News) Someone who used to swim alongside transgender “female” swimmer Lia Thomas says that the biological male’s championships should be stripped now that the International Swimming Federation (FINA) has imposed new restrictions on trans swimmers.

FINA released a new “gender inclusion policy” that allows only trans swimmers who “transitioned” before the age of 12, which is roughly puberty age, to compete on teams of the opposite sex. Based on this new criteria, Thomas does not qualify.

“I’m very hopeful about it,” the former teammate, who spoke to the media on the condition of anonymity for fear of backlash, is quoted as saying (Related: Another teammate of Thomas who also spoke on the condition of anonymity called him mentally ill).

“I am incredibly happy that Lia Thomas will never be an Olympic gold medalist. I think that’s great. But this doesn’t actually fix the NCAA [National Collegiate Athletic Association].”

Thomas, 22, competed on the University of Pennsylvania‘s men’s swimming team up until 2019 when he “came out” as trans. It was at that time, long after puberty, that Thomas started taking testosterone blockers and estrogen to become his “true self.”

This past March, Thomas “won” the NCAA Division I national championship after receiving “first place” in the women’s 500-yard freestyle event. This “win” sparked widespread rage among females, including those on the team who were deprived of fair competition.


Biological sex should determine which sports team one plays on, not made-up gender fantasies

The anonymous teammate added during the interview that she “would love” for the NCAA to rescind Thomas’ championship title, though she doubts that this will ever happen.

Even if the NCAA decides to follow FINA’s new guidelines, which it might not do, Thomas would more than likely be “grandfathered in,” which the former teammate finds “ridiculous.”

Riley Gaines, a University of Kentucky swimmer who tied with Thomas for fifth place in the 200-yard freestyle final at the same NCAA championship, only to have the NCAA give fifth place to Thomas and her sixth place, is also speaking out about the issue.

“I believe Lia is not the fastest female in the 500-yard freestyle, therefore I don’t think she should be awarded as a female national champion,” Gaines is quoted as saying.

Gaines added that she thinks the NCAA “needs to take accountability” by following FINA’s lead and restricting men’s access to female sports teams, which she says would be “a bold first step on behalf of fairness in women’s sports.”

“FINA prioritized competitive fairness which is more than any other large governing body has done thus far,” Gaines went on to state. “The only downfall is now that there is a set age to be transgender and allowed to compete as a female, will children be more swayed into transitioning without fully understanding what they’re doing and committing to?”

The former teammate referenced earlier in this article did add a message of concern about the NCAA adopting FINA’s recommendations, which will likely result in more young boys “transitioning” much earlier in life, destroying their lives.

“Socially, I don’t agree with that,” she said.

“I think really, scientifically, this policy makes a lot of sense, and I’m also really happy that it’s also going to be put into place in water polo. Water polo is a very aggressive sport. People get their suits pulled down. They get clawed. I definitely don’t want to see biological men on women’s water polo teams.”

Locker room nakedness is another issue that has yet to be addressed, regardless of when a person “transitions.” A man should not be in a woman’s locker room, just like a woman should not be in a man’s locker room.

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