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Image: Holly and Adam Anderson tell Kerri Rivera: Focus on relationships, experiences and people for a strong family – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) For Holly and Adam Anderson, relationships, experiences and people are the key ingredients for a strong family. They shared this idea to Brighteon.TV host Kerri Rivera on the June 9 edition of her show “Champions with Kerri Rivera.”

Rivera shared that the Andersons have a unique approach to parenting and life in general, which they show through their YouTube channel 7-Ahead. Together with their five children, they travel across the mainland U.S. to visit all the national parks in their recreational vehicle (RV). One of their sons – six-year-old Ezra – suffers from nonverbal autism.

“In a world that’s constantly distracting us with the unsatisfying need for more possessions, our focus is on family relationships and experiences that create lasting memories,” the channel’s mission stated.

According to Adam, Ezra served as one of the tipping points that got them to think about life. Ezra got him thinking whether their family focused too much on possessions and things or on experiences and people. This eventually inspired the seven of them to travel to national parks in an RV.

Meanwhile, Holly admitted that it took her a while to get acclimated with the RV life given that it was stressful and different from the life she had been used to. As she, Adam and their seven kids spent more time together, she realized that families are supposed to spend time together. (Related: Home is where the heart is: Families who spend quality time at home are happier, says study.)

Holly added that while they are going to all the national parks in the mainland U.S., they hope to finish all of them in the next couple of months.


Adam told Rivera that they learn a lot by going to all the sites they visit and trying to figure out cool things to do. With their busy schedules occupied by sharing their activities on their YouTube channel, they do not have time for video games and other distractions.

Ultimately, Adam said it was all about creating experiences and having fun in God’s creation that is nature.

The Andersons admit to traveling on a budget

In response to Rivera’s question whether they have become financially independent, the couple said they wish they could have lots of money to make their family travels a lot easier.

Adam admitted that they had quit their job and sold their house, and that they are living off their house’s equity until it runs out – which is their plan. Since they are running on a tight budget, they have been trying to stretch their money through different means. These include doing dry camping – self-sufficient living inside one’s RV – and not being extravagant in their travels.

While the Andersons are not independently wealthy, they plan their trips carefully and maximize their limited budget as long as they can. Adam noted that the whole summer trip, especially the national park visits, had to be planned in advance.

Holly, meanwhile, said that while she does not see her family giving up their RV road trips, it is always good to have other plans.

She added that the family trips help the seven of them get along and build a relationship with each other. There’s no time to fight when everyone loves each other deeply, she commented. Furthermore, people have control over their reactions and how they respond to what they have been given.

Holly told the Brighteon.TV host that she aspires to do two things. First, she wants to teach their five children that they can go out and experience God’s creation. Second, she wants to help inspire other parents to explore and build strong relationships with their children in the process.

Watch the June 9 episode of “Champions with Kerri Rivera” below. “Champions with Kerri Rivera” airs every Thursday at 11 a.m.-12 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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