The CDC says “severe reactions” to the COVID vaccines are rare. That’s not what this survey says

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Image: The CDC says “severe reactions” to the COVID vaccines are rare. That’s not what this survey says


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The CDC has always maintained that severe reactions to the COVID vaccines are rare. Since I officially became a misinformation spreader over a year ago, I’ve never believed that statement because I couldn’t find any reliable data that confirmed it.

Yesterday, VSRF engaged the services of a professional polling company (Pollfish) to survey 500 people who were selected entirely at random.

The implications of what we found in that poll were shocking: 20M Americans over 18 seriously injured by the COVID vaccine such that they are unable to hold a job.

The US government has never done any research to determine the extent of the injuries caused by the COVID vaccines. Now we know why.

The results were consistent [with] an earlier vaccine injury survey by the Israeli government and with the VAERS data which has been “lit up” since January 2021 telling us “the COVID vaccines are the most unsafe vaccines in human history.”

Now we have independent confirmation that the safety signals in VAERS were accurate, just like we’ve always said.


The numbers in this poll are absolutely shocking and there is no way to spin this as a positive.

This article includes the full Pollfish report as well as the individual response data so that anyone can analyze it themselves.

Key results from the poll

The poll was about the COVID vaccine exclusively, not about other vaccines. Stratified responses are age normalized to the US since the respondents who answered didn’t match the overall US demographics.

Doing some rudimentary estimates from the data (rather than stratifying by age which would be more accurate but more time consuming):

  1. 20% of the respondents reported they were vaccine injured
  2. The 20% number is remarkable because there was no pre-screening question and only 77.3% of Americans received at least one dose. That means that if you were vaccinated there is a 26% chance that you were injured (computed as 20.46/77.3). Wow.
  3. 30% of the households have a vaccine injured person
  4. 45% of the extended families have a vaccine injured person
  5. In 87% of the cases where there was a vaccine injury, there was either a doctor visit(s) or hospital stay(s) or both.
  6. 54% of the injured are still impacted today.
  7. 45% of the vaccine injured said it would shorten their lifespan
  8. 41% of the injured are unable to hold a job.
  9. Only 17% said their injury was a minor annoyance.

Putting these results into perspective

If you took the vaccine there is a 26% chance of injury as noted above. We also know that 45% of the injured said it would shorten their lifespan. This means that we are shortening the lifespan of 12% of the people who opt for the jab (since .26*.45=.117).

Shortening the lifespan of 12% of the people who take the vaccine seems like a very high price to pay for a virus that can be easily treated with a near 100% success rate with repurposed drugs.

For example, my friends George Fareed and Brian Tyson now have treated over 12,000 COVID patients using a combination of repurposed drugs and supplements without a single hospitalization or death if they were treated within 5 days of first symptoms. They even have a top-selling book on Amazon with rave reviews. Despite all of that, the FDA, CDC, and NIH continue to ignore them. They can’t get anyone to return their calls. They’ve had their protocol since the very beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 (it’s evolved over time).

It is stunning that the FDA approves the vaccines for our kids under 5 based on the COVID case statistics from just 10 children (7 placebo and 3 in the treatment arm), yet Fareed and Tyson who have treated over 12,000 patients can’t get a return phone call.

We are basically spending billions of dollars to seriously injure over 10 million Americans and kill hundreds of thousands. In the process, we did not reduce COVID, but made the problem worse with nonsensical interventions when all we ever needed was some simple advice:

  1. If you are sick stay home
  2. If you test positive, start a proven early treatment protocol ASAP such as the Fareed-Tyson protocol

We never needed the vaccine, masks (which make the problem worse), lockdowns, mandates, social distancing, or new drugs. All we had to do was follow the two simple steps above. It was never more complicated than that.

The data

Here are the full poll results and a spreadsheet with each individual response so you can do you own analysis:

The Pollfish June 18, 2022 summary report

The full Pollfish June 18, 2022 data (spreadsheet)

Comparison with the rates of COVID vaccine injury that nurses report among their peers

Does a 12% injury rate seem high to you? That would be 30M people.

You may change your mind when you watch this video where I interview 7 nurses who were willing to speak out publicly and reveal the rate of vaccine injury among their peers.

Note: There are audio and video drop outs on the call. Use the cursor button to skip over this. I’ve reported these issues to… their product feels like a beta test. Also, the preview has 8 nurses but there were only 7 in the call. Can you spot the duplicate?

Click the image to watch the video.

The rates averaged over 10% with some nurses seeing injury rates among their peers exceeding 40%. Sorry this is so hard to watch with the audio drop outs, but this is the best I have for this interview.

Jessica Rose’s take

She just sent me an email:

Steve, this is excellent. And aligns with my perceptions from the data.

Dr. Pierre Kory’s take

I sent him an email with all the data with a Subject line: Re: WHOA!!! this poll will BLOW YOUR MIND

Pierre quickly wrote back:

Wow is right. Those numbers are beyond disturbing, I have been calling this vaccine escapade a humanitarian catastrophe.. and this is what that looks like.

Comparison with VAERS

OpenVAERS shows 831,800 injuries reported domestically. But non-lethal injuries typically are under reported by a factor of 100 or more as we showed in the analysis of the disability data (where the under reporting factor was 128).

100*831K = 80M vaccine injured.

This makes our survey estimate of 30M look quite conservative.

However, if we take the raw, unadjusted numbers of our survey, 30% of all respondents over 18 were vaccine injured. Since there are 258M people over 18 in the US, we get 77M estimated vaccine injured, eerily close to the VAERS estimate.

So maybe VAERS isn’t such a bad estimator after all.

Validation by the government of Israel

Our final validation point is the proactive poll done by the government of Israel to assess vaccine side effects among the vaccinated. This article describes that study. Among the highlights:

  1. About 25% of people with pre-existing auto-immune disorders, depression or anxiety reported a worsening of their symptoms following the booster.
  2. 4.5% of respondents reported neurological problems
  3. 17% reported shaking. Ask yourself: have you ever experienced shaking from a previous vaccine? I didn’t think so.

So our 20% rate of injury isn’t all that far off what the Israeli government found.

Validation by anecdote

A Detroit TV station asked people for stories of the unvaxxed dying from COVID and instead was hammered with over 180,000 stories of vaccine injuries that the station then ignored.

If a Detroit TV station can get 180,000 stories of vaccine injuries without even trying, how many vaccine injury stories do you think are out there?

What vaccine injury look like

Many people never recognize vaccine injury because they don’t know what it looks like.

For example, as I am writing this article, I received the following message from one of my subscribers:

So my mom’s very dear friend called me tonight to tell me that her cancer came back. She was diagnosed over 20 years ago and has been cancer-free. I asked her did you get boosted she said yes, I already knew she was vaccinated. She said don’t start asking me these questions. What does that have to do with anything? They now found Cancer all over her uterus and it’s now spreading to her body. You think it’s from the vaccine?  She was perfectly fine all these years before getting vaccinated. It makes me so sad she will probably end up dying.

I hear these stories all the time of a new cancer or a cancer that was under control suddenly coming back with a vengeance. These aren’t coincidences. While for any individual case it may be difficult to determine a cause, in aggregate we are seeing rates of cancer post vaccine that are unprecedented.

This is why Dr. Ryan Cole said, “Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20 times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis.”

It’s amusing to me that when you search for that quote in Google, you only get articles debunking the claim whereas if you search in DuckDuckGo, you get articles with the original quote. This is pretty sad because Dr. Cole is highly respected among his peers for telling the truth. It’s a pity we never get a chance to have a fair debate with people who claim we are spreading misinformation.

And the personal stories

A lot of people tell me they know hundreds of people and none are vaccine injured.


Or perhaps 95% of the vaccine injured don’t speak out about their vaccine injury.

It feels like for every person who sees nothing, I hear from people with the opposite experience:

I have so many of my relatives, neighbors and acquaintances succumb to this poison. Just yesterday a 30 year old acquaintance died of sudden heart attack. My aunt is suffering from autoimmune mediated arthritis after she got her 2nd Pfizer shot. A neighbor died after receiving the first dose of Sinovac Vaccine. A relative died after receiving 2nd dose of SinoVac….So many to list!!

Replicating the poll

The out-of-pocket cost for the poll is $500. Anyone could replicate it.

I’m sure fact checkers will spend $50,000 to replicate it 100 times until they get the results that match their narrative, and then publish that.

We didn’t do that. We’ve never asked this set of questions ever before. The questions weren’t “gamed” to elicit a specific response. We put together the questions we wanted, we ran the poll, and we published the results.

But the poll is affordable enough that if you don’t believe me, you can replicate it yourself.

Attacking this poll

I know what is going to happen.

The underqualified “fact checkers” are going to be out in force on this one. They’ll say the survey is biased, that there was a lot of drop off, and that ONLY vaccine injured answered answered the key questions.

There is only one tiny little problem with such analysis: it isn’t true.

The survey was stopped after the first 501 responses were received. The first question was neutral in that if you weren’t vaccine injured you could answer the question and collect the reward with very little work. On the other hand, people could also argue that blue pilled people upon seeing the first question would refuse to go there and not answer the first question of the survey. So we’re re-running the survey with a more neutral first question. Stay tuned.

Secondly, there was drop off of the questions. Absolutely. But it didn’t matter because we are using absolute counts. Only 159 answered Q4. However, the stratified absolute count of those unable to hold a job is 50. So that’s 10% of the 500 on an absolute basis. Since there are 200M Americans over 18, that suggests 20M seriously injured Americans. There’s no other way to interpret that.

Thirdly, the will say it was a small poll of only 500 people and only 50 people said they were so vaccine injured they were unable to work. There is a small chance that the numbers could be inflated by a factor of 2. We will be repeating the poll with a larger sample size to reduce the confidence intervals.

On the other hand, the FRED data shows that there were just 1.8M excess people added to the disability rollsDisability is defined here. That suggests that only 1.8M Americans were vaccine injured and that the survey is over estimating the number of vaccine injured.

I cannot explain the discrepancy here, perhaps one of my readers may be able to.

But even if the true number is only 1.8M disabled Americans, the US government should be ashamed at mandating a vaccine that is going to disable 1% of those who take it and increase the disability rolls by over 5%.

At the very least our government should have warned us with something like:

Hey, the Pfizer trial showed we can save 1 life in 22,000 from dying from COVID. So to save 10,000 lives from a COVID death, we’re going to disable 1.8M of you. That’s just the way it goes.


The COVID vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines in human history. There are systemic flaws in the medical system that cause doctors to fail to recognize the evidence in plain sight. But that doesn’t change the reality. The COVID vaccines have killed hundreds of thousands of people and severely injured millions more. Since there is a safe, inexpensive alternative (early treatment protocols) with near 100% efficacy in reducing hospitalization and death, the vaccines should be immediately halted for all age groups. That would be the right thing to do.

But admitting they made a mistake would be an embarrassment to the medical community, government agencies, and Congress. So they will continue to look the other way and find ways to discredit the evidence and the brave people who are speaking out. They will continue to avoid any accountability by agreeing to an open debate. And in the meantime, millions more will be disabled, and hundreds of thousands will die prematurely.

Doctors and nurses know what is going on, but will not speak out as a group because they will lose their jobs and ability to practice medicine. So they keep their heads down.

The other doctors are so blue-pilled, they actually still believe the CDC. When Pfizer presents safety and efficacy data that is appalling to anyone with a working brain, they simply look at the vote count of the outside committees (unanimously approved) and never bother to learn more about what just happened. They won’t even watch this 4 minute video that explains just how bad the trial data was.

When we discovered that there wasn’t a single death from COVID-19 in the entire state of Massachusetts in both 2020 and 2021 in age 5 to 11, did that change anything? Of course not. COVID is an emergency because it might kill kids in the future and you can never be too careful when it comes to saving kids lives. But when large numbers of kids are killed by the vaccine, we simply look the other way. That’s not an emergency; it doesn’t even exist. Their odd causes of death are ignored.

My survey is no ambiguous. It can be easily replicated. Approximately 20M Americans are so seriously injured they cannot hold a job. It’s not something you joke about.

The sad thing is that my survey won’t change any minds, even if it is replicated over and over. It will just add more evidence to the public record that the medical community is causing great harm and completely incapable of seeing the truth. They will not allow themselves to be held accountable in an open discussion— ever.

The American people won’t change their minds until the doctors change their minds. And the doctors are so well trained to respect the medical authorities like the FDA, CDC, and NIH and/or sufficiently afraid of the repercussions of speaking out, that nothing will change anytime soon.

The truth always comes out sooner or later. The later it comes out, the greater the damage will be to all these institutions that people once trusted.

The other thing I know is that the scale of this deception is unprecedented. When this unravels, which I have no doubt that it will, it will destroy our trust in:

  1. the medical community
  2. the HHS government agencies: CDC, FDA, NIH
  3. the mainstream media
  4. Congress
  5. State and local government officials
  6. CEOs who imposed vaccine mandates
  7. local health officials
  8. Mainstream social networks
  9. Fact checkers
  10. The Gates Foundation
  11. Bill Gates
  12. The Rockefeller Foundation
  13. the drug companies
  14. the courts
  15. clinical trials
  16. medical journal
  17. … and more…

This survey is just one more nail in the coffin of the “safe and effective” narrative. Nothing more.

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