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Image: Liberty Round Table Radio: Good guys with guns will stop the criminals – BrighteonRADIO

(Natural News) “Liberty Round Table Radio” host Sam Bushman and Gun Owners of America founder Larry Pratt both believe that good guys with guns will stop criminals.

“We need more good guys with guns. More means less [criminals] because they’d be stopped sooner – less death, less crime and less trouble,” Bushman said during the June 8 episode of the “Liberty Round Table Radio” program.

Bushman also mentioned the warning of former Texas Representative Ron Paul, who said “they’re about to take away your guns.” The talk show host said that it’s time to stand up and make sure that they don’t do that.

Pratt pointed out that schools have been made gun-free zones for the law-abiding people but a dirtbag can then have much more opportunity to shoot people there without having to worry about dealing with return fire because legislators have said that being disarmed is a good thing.

Americans are not safer without guns

The Gun Owners of America founder and executive director added that individuals being disarmed to make everything safe is a lie that has been exposed long ago. “Americans are not safer without guns,” he said.

Pratt said the law that dictates disarmament must be changed because bad guys are striking everywhere.

Bushman said gun control is a serious topic and the biggest gun control attack was the 1968 gun control bills, which set the stage for modern infringement. The host of the nationally syndicated talk show also recalled that in the ’90s the Democrats pushed for a ban on assault weapons that eventually got repealed.


According to Bushman, gun control proponents are now going for broke and are even putting red flag laws in place. The BrighteonRadio host added that these gun control proponents are now using the mass shootings to their advantage.

“If Americans are not very careful these people will take action to take away their guns,” Bushman said.

Pratt said there are a number of senators who are willing to compromise with Democrats on the issue of guns. He stressed that the Democrats’ agenda of disarming an individual is not for the good of victims since it will benefit the bad guys. (Related: Proposed gun control law would shame, threaten all gun owners by publicly sharing their names, addresses)

The Gun Owners of America founder said Americans must stand up with one voice and say that they will get rid of their elected officials who want to get rid of their guns.

Bushman stressed that Republicans and Democrats are needed to address the issue of the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. He added that this is not something to change or manipulate lightly since it is a God-given inalienable right of people to self-defense that shall not be infringed.

“Americans who believe in their God-given right to keep and bear arms must be allowed to exercise their right to have a gun,” he said.

Pratt agreed, adding that disarming individuals to make a school safe is an utter nonsense.

“The idea that America is better off with fewer good guys with guns obviously doesn’t work. These failures happened because there weren’t enough good guys with guns,” Pratt said.

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