Weird and creepy: Washington Post reporters called out for their coordinated, cult programming behavior

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Image: Weird and creepy: Washington Post reporters called out for their coordinated, cult programming behavior

(Natural News) The mainstream media has long ceased to be a profession that seeks to keep Americans properly informed about the things that most affect their lives and their country, instead serving as little more than propaganda outlets pushing predetermined political, social and cultural narratives that seek to keep the elite in power.

As such, the vast majority of ‘journalists’ who work in the industry are trained to be unserious, incurious mouthpieces of misinformation, failing to perform even basic functions of reporting like asking tough questions regardless of political affiliation and pressing for real data and answers.

So the men and women who are currently working as reporters and editors are shallow, narcissistic, self-loathing and banal, as perfectly pointed out by one of the businesses’ last real investigative journalists, Glenn Greenwald. A liberal, Greenwald doesn’t wear his political affiliations and philosophies on his sleeve; he digs for answers, reports the truth no matter who it makes uncomfortable, and won’t demean his chosen profession with insignificant chatter and false narratives. So what he says about those who share the profession with him matters.

He recently took Washington Post reporters to task for what he described as coordinated, cult-like programming behavior in a Twitter thread after one of their own, Felicia Sonmez, was fired last week for being too woke even for the paper of wokeness.

Greenwald noted that several other reporters tweeted pretty much identical things in praise of the paper following Sonmez’s firing.


“This is just weird and creepy. Why are they all posting identical language about how proud they are to work at the Washington Post, like from a script handed down by a cult leader?” he wrote in a tweet containing several screenshots of their tweets.

“They’re still doing this. More and more: all saying exactly the same thing with the exact same words, publicly professing their love for the Washington Post in identical language. This is not healthy behavior. Why are they doing this?” he added later.

“I suppose this is how these WashPost reporters have decided to condemn @feliciasonmez for her 5 days of maniacal attacks on her colleagues and attempt to get several fired, but it’s bizarre how they all use the same coordinated cryptic language and waited this long. Cowardly,” Greenwald continued.

“The Post’s @feliciasonmez is now mocking all of her newsroom colleagues for using identical language to defend management against her. May this never end! The vindictive sociopathy of these vipers on vivid display here is what prevails in all of these liberal corporate outlets,” he wrote, adding more screengrabs.

“The utterly unhinged insanity you’re seeing drive this five-day Washington Post civil war is the prevailing ethos at all of these liberal corporate media outlets, most elite campuses, etc. It just usually gets contained before the public can witness it in its full derangement,” he concluded.

These people are out of their minds. No wonder we can’t trust what they write.

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