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Image: Bill Cortese tells Dr. John Diamond: Americans can’t be ruled by people who write big checks and use dark money – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) American Promise Executive Director Bill Cortese sees the coming midterm elections as a chance for Americans to regain control of the country from people who write big checks and use dark money.

“We can’t be ruled by just a handful of people. We can’t be ruled by the D.C. consulting class who get rich off of these things. This is an opportunity for Democrats and Republicans to bring the power back to the states,” Cortese told host Dr. John Diamond during the June 9 episode of “America Unhinged” on Brighteon.TV.

“It’s not an easy climb. But we feel that the grassroots support is there really on both sides. People are fed up, they have had enough. We need to bring back the power to the states and we need to protect our democracy. And this loophole is something that our adversaries have been exploiting. And it’s a real concern for us.”

Diamond pointed out that both elected and appointed officials know that money controls the people. The Brighteon.TV host and theologian took note that people with big money control everything: banking elite controls the corporations; the corporations control the politicians; and the politicians control the American people.

That’s the system American Promise is trying to correct. Founded in 2015, American Promise seeks to reinforce anti-corruption laws across the country, particularly against dark money. He added that American Promise was launched with a commitment to bring a solution to this problem through a constitutional solution that restores America’s constitutional principle; a winning strategy and a dedicated organization that unites the country; and honesty and transparency.


Cortese revealed that $3.5 billion of dark money was spent in the 2020 elections and Americans have no idea where it came from. (Related: Election watchdog group exposes Zuckerberg’s $500M ‘dark money’ scheme to elect Biden.)

Dark money is untraceable, unaccountable money that can come in from literally anywhere. “The American people have seen dark money come in from overseas and that any of our adversaries can utilize this loophole,” Cortese said.

The American Promise executive director said one of the goals of American Promise is to pass the 28th Amendment, which essentially restores States’ rights through the 10th Amendment and actually supports the First Amendment.

Cortese mentioned they believed that the States should be able to regulate elections within their state and they have already introduced a resolution that calls on Congress to address this loophole.

He also said that it is a concern from a national security standpoint that adversaries like China, Russia, the Saudis and the Qataris could come in, set up an LLC, utilize the C4 system and begin to influence American elections.

Cortese said that it is a deep concern for a lot of people and this should be one of the things that bring Republicans, Democrats and Independents together so that America can preserve its democracy.

He added Americans have the ability to choose who will lead them and the use of dark money undermines the essence of America’s democracy. It’s a big challenge, Cortese admitted, but it’s worth fighting for.

America is controlled by so much dark money

Diamond pointed out that America is controlled by so much dark money that comes from either billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates or from foreign governments like China. All those loopholes need to be closed, according to Diamond.

Cortese, who is a former member of the United States Marine Corps, said Americans need to pressure and tell their state representatives and state senators that they need to pass this resolution to get the ball rolling on amending the Constitution and protecting America’s democracy.

He reiterated that American people must bring back the power to the states to give them the constitutional authority to make sure that they can regulate. Cortese also said that Americans need to restore and bring back federalism to protect democracy in the country.

“We need the grassroots support. You’re not going to beat big money with big money. You’re going to beat it with grassroots support. Average everyday people coming together and working together and say enough is enough,” said Cortese.

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