Crackhead MILF and incest porn: Hunter Biden’s disgusting search history revealed, including Pornhub link sent to “dad”

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Image: Crackhead MILF and incest porn: Hunter Biden’s disgusting search history revealed, including Pornhub link sent to “dad”

(Natural News) Hunter Biden’s level of depravity continues to shock most Americans as much as the fact that the disgustingly dishonest deep state media refuses to cover it in a naked effort to protect his Democrat president father — something that would not happen in the slightest if any of Donald Trump’s children behaved even remotely similarly.

Earlier this week, a new report detailed even more heinous behavior on the part of the first son: An online search history revealing his zeal for “crackhead MILF and incest” pornography.

Biden, who dated his late brother’s wife Hallie (a disturbing turn of events for which she is equally to blame), was also obsessed with lonely widows and incest fantasies, according to Internet search histories spanning just six days before he took his infamous laptop into a Delaware computer repair shop to be fixed in March 2019.

Also, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, Hunter Biden was also a fan of taking videos of himself having sex with prostitutes and then uploading those videos to his own Pornhub account, “RHEast,” though none of the videos showed his face.

The report also noted that in at least one instance, Hunter Biden texted a Pornhub page to a phone number that was saved in his accounts as “Dad” on Oct. 22, 2018, though the outlet goes on to say that Joe and Hunter Biden used each other’s phone numbers alternately at various times so it is not clear if the current president was the intended recipient of the URL.

The report adds:

Hunter, who had a controversial relationship with his brother’s widow, also repeatedly searched Pornhub for videos involving widows, including ‘Homemade widow porn’, ‘Homemade lonely widow porn’ and ‘Lonely widow porn’.


The Biden son, who was 49 at the time, searched for porn videos involving teenagers according to his browsing history.

Videos he visited included ’18 Yrs old and really Good at Riding D***’, ‘TEENFIDELITY Country Girl Raylin Ann C****pie’ and ‘Lucky Foreign Student Stripped & F***ed by Horny Teen Pals’.

In addition, he searched for ‘Washington DC Milf Crack Cocaine’ seven times throughout the week prior to taking the computer in to be fixed — which he later abandoned.

Among the pornography searches is a record of him visiting a 2009 New York Post article regarding his sister, Ashley Biden, and her history of arrests, partying and claimed use of cannabis while she was attending college in New Orleans.

He often searched for results using DuckDuckGo, a much more discreet alternative to Google, especially when he searched for himself a number of times between March 12 and March 17, 2019.

Text messages and videos taken from the hard drive of the laptop show Hunter Biden ordering prostitutes to his hotel rooms in Connecticut and California while also discussing the purchase of crack cocaine with them, as well as taking porn videos with them and then posting them to his Pornhub account.

“The profile picture for his account is a photo of two women sitting on him on a bed in a messy room, with a small white dog also perched on the bed in the background,” the Daily Mail reports. “The videos Hunter filmed on his laptop include one where a woman uses her feet during sex. In another video, Hunter puts his hand around a woman’s throat while having sex.”

Screenshots taken from another very explicit video show the first son left a woman tied up on his bed and her head covered with a red stocking while he left to go out and get pastries. Upon his return, he took a screenshot as he munched on a sandwich and placed a chocolate croissant in front of the woman who was still hooded and trussed.

This is one disgusting, disturbed human being, but of course, he won’t be held out as such by a blatantly dishonest mainstream media since his last name isn’t “Trump.”

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