Police in Uvalde contradicted their own mass shooter training: Were they TOLD to stand down while killer rampaged?

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Image: Police in Uvalde contradicted their own mass shooter training: Were they TOLD to stand down while killer rampaged?

(Natural News) A Twitter thread posted late last week following the horrific massacre of 19 children and two adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, examined actions taken by local police as the situation progressed, and found some shocking details.

In a series of posts, New York Times national correspondent Mike Baker laid out several examples he and other Times reporters uncovered showing how Uvalde cops and other law enforcement responders to the scene acted negligently and counter to their own training — much of it only recently — that may have contributed to a higher number of deaths.

“I have spent the past few days researching the training of Uvalde officers, including the tactics they were expected to use to halt school shooters. The documents are jarring. Here’s a thread of our findings so far,” Baker’s thread begins.

“In the past two years, the Uvalde school district has hosted at least two active-shooter training days. One of them was just two months ago. The trainings included both classroom teachings and role-playing scenarios inside school hallways” as seen in photos that accompanied the tweet, Baker continued.

“The Uvalde training session 2 months ago relied on guidelines that give explicit expectations for officers responding to an active shooter. The training is clear: Time is of the essence. The ‘first priority is to move in and confront the attacker,'” Baker wrote, including a graphic outlining the directive.

“But how should officers confront the gunman? With a tactical team? The training says that’s probably not feasible, because the urgency is so high. A SINGLE OFFICER, the training says, may need to confront the suspect on their own,” he added.

“The guidelines provide sobering clarity: The first officers may be risking their lives. But, it says, innocent lives take priority. ‘A first responder unwilling to place the lives of the innocent above their own safety should consider another career field,'” the training states, according to Baker.

“The training expectations are obviously in stark contrast to what we are seeing in Uvalde. Police officials have said that officers were reluctant to engage the gunman because ‘they could’ve been shot,'” Baker added, quoting a ranking Texas Department of Public Safety officer.

“The guidelines actually provide scenarios in which officers are shot, including one modeled after the Santa Fe High School shooting, also in Texas. The scenario explains that if one officer is shot, the second ‘is expected to go on responding solo,'” the thread continued, quoting the training curriculum.

“It’s clear that officers did not follow that scenario this week. 19 officers staged outside the classroom. 78 minutes elapsed before they entered. Children repeatedly called 911 from inside. ‘It was the wrong decision,’ top officer says.”

Obviously. So the question must be asked, were officers told to stand down? If so, by whom? And for what reason?

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