The latest hoax by Democrats and their media… Great Replacement Theory

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Image: The latest hoax by Democrats and their media… Great Replacement Theory

(Natural News) “[We want] an unrelenting stream of immigration. Non-stop. Non-stop. Folks like me [of] Caucasian European descent, for the first time in 2017 we’ll be in an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority. Fewer than 50 percent of the people in America, from then on, will be white European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s the source of our strength.”

Joe Biden

“The idea that … whites will not be the majority [in our country] … [is] an exciting transformation of the country, …”

-Anderson Cooper, interview with Univision’s Jorge Ramos, Aug. 2019

(Article by Richard McDonough republished from

Many members of the “Democrat” Party and the “news” media are appalled that Tucker Carlson and other Republicans have supported the allegedly “racist” “Great Replacement theory” that the “Democrats” are using immigration to replace the “white” population in the United States by a non-white population.  CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper solemnly warns that this “fringe” theory is taking over the Republican Party.  Even late-night comics like Seth Meyers, important for the adolescent vote, are shocked, appalled and virtue-signaling because no one ever said any such thing.  No one, of course, except such “fringe” figures as Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Ron Brownstein, Jennifer Rubin, Julien Castro, Anderson Cooper, Medi Hasan, John Berman, James Acosta, Julien Castro, Don Lemon and a host of other of our betters among the unaccountable Democrat-media elites.


Roland Martin even ventured overseas to BBC World News to brag about the plan.

You’re seeing white Americans who cannot stand the fact that America is changing, that the emerging majority are going to be Latino, African American, Asians, and Native Americans …  But let’s all be honest.  You all have been dealing with this in Europe.  People have been complaining about African immigrants coming in. …You have white populations decreasing … We are seeing white folks in this country radicalized by Fox News, because they are listening to conservative radio and all they’re hearing about is … that they [non-whites] are replacing us [whites].

Martin, lest one forgets what one is dealing with, used to have a job on one of CNN’s regular virtue-signaling slots until, referring to a television commercial of David Beckham in his underwear, he made the crude violent homophobic remark that if anyone gets excited about that ad “you should smack the ish out of him!”  In addition, in 2016, the perpetually aggrieved Martin leaked CNN town hall questions to former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, who then leaked them to Hillary Clinton’s camp.  It’s called “cheating”.

At the end of his remarks, Martin states that “white folks” are being “radicalized” because they hear about “replacement” theory on Foxnews and “conservative talk radio”, apparently forgetting, not, evidently, being a Rhodes Scholar, that he had just a few sentences earlier bragged about the “decrease” in “white populations” in the United States and Europe due to mass immigration. Actual coherence is not as important as blathering in certain quarters.

Similarly, “Democrat” and “news” media darling Stacy Abrams explicitly claimed that the path to Democrat victories is via “voters of color”, pointing out that the percentage of the “white” vote in Georgia decreased from almost 80% in 2002 to about 60% in 2018 as the percentage of “voters of color” increased from about 25% in 2002 to about 40% in 2018. Abrams has also described “undocumented” (illegal) immigrants as part of the “blue wave” that would sweep her to victory in November 2018.  Since a “blue wave” refers to a surge in Democrat voters, this is an invitation for illegal aliens to vote in elections and an admission that she expects illegals to vote her into office.

Further, Jennifer Rubin, who used to pretend to be a Republican but now finds it more profitable to pretend to be a Democrat, explained in Aug. 2021, that “Census data shows [that the] … number of White people falls. … This is fabulous news.”  In Nov, 2020, Rubin, one recalls, displayed her bitter and “vengeful” grasp on reality, and on herself, when she expressed her wish that the Republican Party would “burn down” with “no survivors.”

Since the Left’s standard “toolbox” is playing word games, it is important to point out that the original meaning of the expression “the great replacement” derives from the theory by gay French author Renauld Camus’ theory that Jewish elites were planning to replace white Europeans by Muslims and Africans.  Upon realizing this, Camus left the socialist party because he “refused to change civilization.”

No serious Republican has endorsed this extreme racist French theory” that there is a Jewish plot to “replace” white Americans with Muslims and Africans (racist because it involves Jewish plots and refers to specific races and religions).  Republican objections to the Democrat plan would be exactly the same if Democrats were importing blonde-haired blue-eyed yodeling Scandinavians to shift the US electorate to the Left.  In medieval scholastic terminology, what Republicans object to is only per accidens, not per se (accidentally, not essentially) about race.  Republicans object to the importation of a political persuasion, not a specific race, into the country in order to achieve political power.  It is only the Democrat’s explicit racist plan to use “persons of color” to shift the demographics to secure their hold on power that brings race into the issue!

In other words, if Republicans in a given state outnumber Democrats by a few percentage points, the demographics can be shifted leftward by a massive “surge” of illegal immigration of precisely the sort visible now at our Southern border as a consequence of Biden’s “open border” policy. If anyone has any doubt about the Biden administration’s intentions, note that at the same time that he opens the southern border to virtually anyone who wants to enter illegally, his HHS Secretary Mayorkas, by a miraculous coincidence, denied entry to Cubans who, having experienced the joys of socialism first hand, vote Republican by substantial margins when they become US citizens.

The Democrat-media colluders may, therefore, correctly claim that Camus’ French “great replacement theory” is racist.  However, since Republicans are not referring to that extremist French theory but to the oft-expressed “fabulous” and “exciting” Democrat plan to use mass immigration to shift demographics to influence U.S. elections, these Democrat-media colluders commit a fallacy of equivocation when they describe Republican criticisms of their plan as “racist”.  Republican claims are simply based on what Stacy Abrams, old Joe himself, and many other Democrats and media colluders have explicitly said.

If the Democrat-media colluders wish to claim that they are not using mass immigration to shift the demographics in the United States to favor Democrats in elections, they might want to stop bragging about doing precisely that.  In addition, they will want to have Joe’s handlers write in big red letters on his teleprompter that although his 2015 C-Span speech pandering about the replacement of “white” people by people of color was the old talking point, the new talking point is that the Democrats and their media colluders never did what they are on tape repeatedly bragging about doing.  For, thanks to old Joe’s arrogance and incompetence, the citizenry is now awake to the plan.  And if there is anything that is destructive of democracy, and a violation of a government’s responsibility to its citizenry, it is a political Party’s program to import new voters from abroad because it cannot persuade its own citizens to vote for its overwhelmingly unpopular and destructive policies.

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