United Nations announces and celebrates “replacement migration” in public documents

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Image: United Nations announces and celebrates “replacement migration” in public documents

(Natural News) Over the next 50 years, the population of virtually all European countries, as well as Japan, will face severe population aging and decline. And the solution, says the United Nations, is “replacement migration.”

This is already occurring, of course, as migrants continue to flood into mostly white countries and replace their native populations. And according to the UN, this is something to be celebrated.

“The new challenges of declining and ageing populations will require comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration,” reads a document from the UN entitled, “Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?”

“Focusing on these two striking and critical population trends, the report considers replacement migration for eight low-fertility countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States) and two regions (Europe and the European Union). Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.”

The globalists need a steady stream of slaves to work their global plantations, hence the need for replacement migration

Rather than encourage native populations to simply have more babies by fostering the social and economic conditions necessary for that to happen, the UN and its many tentacles are instead trying to erase whiteness from existence.


The UN’s “Population Division,” as it is called, “continuously monitors fertility, mortality and migration trends for all countries of the world, as a basis for producing the official United Nations population estimates and projections,” the report explains.

“Among the demographic trends revealed by those figures, two are particularly salient: population decline and population ageing.”

The UN is attempting to make the case that even more migrants need to be shipped in to white countries to fix the problem of an aging and declining population. Replacement migration, the globalist body maintains, is “needed to offset declines in the size of population and declines in the population of working age, as well as to offset the overall ageing of a population.”

The UN’s biggest concern, which is also the concern of the globalists, is that there will not be enough working-age people left to work the global economic plantation. The report states this clearly in the conclusion.

“In the absence of migration, the size of the working-age population declines faster than the overall population,” the UN laments. “As a result of this faster rate of decline, the amount of migration needed to prevent a decline in the working-age population is larger than that for the overall population.”

In other words, the elite are scared that soon there will be no more slaves left to keep their corrupt system running. Thus, they are having to scheme new ways to replace the dying human stocks with fresh stocks.

As morbid as this all might sound, it is the reality that the globalists have created, and that they must sustain at all costs if they are to remain perched at the top of the pyramid.

The UN openly admits this in the new report, explaining that replacement migration will help to solve the problem, but not entirely. The globalist body says that the amount of replacement migration needed to offset the decline in total and working-age population declines is simply too large to offset.

“Therefore, it appears inevitable that the populations of the low-fertility countries will age rapidly in the twenty-first century,” the report concludes.

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