Netflix cracks down on woke employees, telling them to leave if they disagree with company’s content policy

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Image: Netflix cracks down on woke employees, telling them to leave if they disagree with company’s content policy

(Natural News) Netflix has issued a company “culture” memo to its employees stating that the company will not censor artists just because “woke” employees disagree with them.

The company suffered decreasing value and subscription rates the past few months because people think the streaming platform has “gone woke.” To stop the bleeding, Netflix issued the memo telling employees to leave if they are offended by the content distributed by the company.

The memo, which has been publicized courtesy of the Daily Mail, stated that not everyone will like or agree with everything in the service. Netflix said it will be up to the audience to decide what is appropriate for them instead of the company censoring artists or their voices.

“Depending on your role, you may need to work on titles you perceive to be harmful. If you’d find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you,” the memo said.

This decision by Netflix seems to stem specifically from Dave Chapelle’s controversial humor. In his October 2021 Netflix special “The Closer,” Chapelle’s jokes about the transgender community did not leave a good impression on some of the employees. In the hour-long show, the 48-year-old comedian fired off wisecracks that included transgender women’s genitalia, insisted that “gender is a fact” and said that the LGBTQ+ community is “too sensitive.”

These jokes made by Chapelle were based on observations made by Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who previously said trans women were not actually women and were a threat to her identity.


Shortly after the show’s premiere, offended Netflix staff members staged a walkout in an effort to demonstrate their disapproval. But the mutiny failed as Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos sided with Chapelle.

However, critics believe that the falling stock prices and viewership count have likely contributed to the decision to keep the special on air. Either way, it seems that the company is learning that it is not possible to placate the “woke” population without suffering losses.

Netflix underlines commitment to artistic expression

As a warning, the company’s letter underlined its commitment to prioritizing artistic expression. Netflix said that viewers have very different tastes and points of view and that the company offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies, some of which can be provocative. (Related: Millions of moral, patriotic Americans are turning off the NFL, NBA, Netflix and Hollywood.)

The company also pointed out that they offer ratings, content warnings and easy-to-use parental controls to help members make informed choices about what they want to watch. Netflix did acknowledge that its content may be problematic for some viewers, although it remained firm in its decision not to silence the voices of its artists.

The streaming service suffered a loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 and expects to see an additional decrease of up to two million audience members over the next four months. (Related: Netflix adds new Black Lives Matter media category with more black supremacy propaganda.)

This caused share prices to fall significantly, wiping away roughly $70 billion in market capitalization.

Netflix’s co-CEO Reed Hastings said that they are also considering introducing adverts on a cheaper subscription package. A note to staff also showed that the proposal was being accelerated drastically, saying that the company will require some trade-offs.

“Every major streaming company excluding Apple has or has announced an ad-supported service. For good reason, people want lower-priced options.”

To avoid more losses, the company’s newsletter also reminded laborers that the company does not intend to treat workers like “family members,” but rather like lionhearted sportsmen on an award-winning athletic dream team, where any player can easily be benched or booted.

“We model ourselves on being a professional sports team, not a family. A family is about unconditional love. A dream team is about pushing yourself to be the best possible teammate, caring intensely about your team, and knowing that you may not be on the team forever,” the memo said.

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