Dr. Naomi Wolf talks about COVID-19 pandemic, restricting freedoms and the launch of her new book

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Image: Dr. Naomi Wolf talks about COVID-19 pandemic, restricting freedoms and the launch of her new book

(Natural News) Nonfiction author Dr. Naomi Wolf’s new book titled “The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human” is set to be released on May 31. It talks about people finding themselves engaged in a war against vast impersonal forces with limitless power over people’s lives.

Those forces refer to Big Tech, Big Pharma, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the oligarch elite. The book also discusses the sinister ways of undermining the United States and the fundamentally reoriented human relations.

Wolf pointed out that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was never about a virus, and it was never about public health. Instead, it was about remaking the world in a way that permanently suits and gives power to tech companies, a handful of bad nonprofits, the CCP and the World Economic Forum. (Related: NEVER FORGET: Fauci, Walensky, Trump and Collins all LIED about COVID “vaccines” while millions died.)

“It does so by taking aim at the things that make us human, specifically,” she said. “The pandemic policies we saw were aimed at killing off the human advantage and dissolving human culture and community. And I point out in ‘The Bodies of Others,’ I follow the money. I point out how billions and billions of dollars were stolen through the process of targeting humans.”

In an interview with “Fox News,” Wolf shared that she carefully reviewed the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and found that many things that happened in the past were not at all constitutional.


Wolf mentioned that the Constitution specifically stated that “Congress shall make no law prohibiting freedom of assembly or the right of citizens to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

But cops are arresting people for assembling, and have done so going back to the history of founding the country. “History is full of people thinking that restrictive or tyrannical or abusive orders are okay if it’s their own kind of people. It is people who look like them, talk like them, worship like them,” Wolf pointed out.

Wolf: Narrative that you have to get vaccinated for other people is a totalitarian lie

From a figurehead of third wave feminism and inspiration to a generation of women, her legitimacy was put in question by the mainstream media when she turned on President Joe Biden because of his ineffective strategy for fighting COVID-19.

Media outlets criticized her “political transformation” from being a staunch Democrat to a “conspiracy theorist.” She’d been mocked when she spoke with Steve Bannon in May last year about her “Five Freedoms” campaign against vaccine passports, mandatory mask mandates and other emergency laws. (Related: Let’s Talk America: Dr. Bryan Ardis says people behind COVID-19 have been weaponizing venom peptides in medicines, “treatments” – Brighteon.TV.)

Wolf explained that she saw the light and why her liberal friends haven’t. “It’s because they are watching nonsense like CNN, NPR. Studies show that categorically, and even the CDC confirms, vaccinations don’t even affect transmission. So the whole narrative that President Biden repeats that you have to get vaccinated for other people – it’s a totalitarian lie. It’s a lie that is propagated in order to justify the CCP-style social controls,” she said.

According to Wolf, the Democrats have been “otherizing” the unvaccinated by withholding their rights as they are labeled as people who are standing in the way of the Democratic agenda, saying that it leads “to the kind of worsening of sensibilities that leads to cruelty.”

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Watch the video below for more information about Wolf’s latest book.

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