Democrats, Biden and left-wing media jumped all over the Buffalo shootings but ignored, downplayed Waukesha massacre over race

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Image: Democrats, Biden and left-wing media jumped all over the Buffalo shootings but ignored, downplayed Waukesha massacre over race

(Natural News) There is no better example of how the Left exploits certain tragedies in our country while ignoring others in order to fan the fires of racism and keep our country divided and hating each other than the Christmas parade massacre last fall and the mass shooting that just took place in Buffalo.

You may recall that in the former, a black man with a lengthy history of crime and racist behavior drove his vehicle through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wis., running over and killing and injuring several people – all of whom were white – while in the latter, a white 18-year-old man traveled to a grocery store in Buffalo, N.Y., over the weekend in a mostly black neighborhood and began killing mostly black victims.

In the first example, the left-wing media and the Democrat Left including our dementia president, Joe Biden, either downplayed the horrific incident, excused it or ignored it altogether. But in the second tragedy, the same leftist media, Democrats, and Biden have jumped all over it to exploit it as “another example of white nationalism” and “institutional white racism” so they can once again stir up the country and use it to cause more mayhem and unrest.

“Corporate media is busying itself building the false narrative that the Buffalo mass murderer, who was a former communist and avowed green ethno-nationalist fascist socialist, was actually a Republican influenced by Tucker Carlson and Fox News. This is blatantly false, of course, but they say if you repeat a lie often enough,” Liberty Daily reported on Monday.


But of course, the reasoning behind these disgusting lies is that Democrats either plan to use this spontaneous tragedy in Buffalo to their political advantage, or it is a false flag designed for the same purpose. Either way, the pathetic Left isn’t about to let it go like they did when a black man murdered whites with his vehicle.

And in order to maximize on the political capitalization, Dementia Joe is being dispatched to Buffalo so he can be photographed showing how much “compassion” and “caring” his party has for black Americans (even though his party was primarily responsible for enslaving black people before terrorizing them as members of the Ku Klux Klan).

On social media, others also tried to debunk the blatant lies being told by the leftist media, including about the shooter in Buffalo being a “right-wing extremist and white nationalist” who was “inspired by Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson.”

Populist show host Kim Iversen noted: “Actually, the shooter categorized himself as ‘authoritarian Left’ who was once a communist now turned green ethno-nationalist fascist socialist. Just proves white supremacy isn’t only on the right, especially with these younger generations. Also proves Rolling Stone is a joke.”

J.D. Rucker of the Liberty Daily responded to Iverson: “Rolling Stone, unfortunately, still has some sway and the vast majority of their readers absorb propaganda like sponges. Fake news disseminators like Rolling Stone aren’t stupid. They know any debunking of their lies will never reach the target audience they’re indoctrinated.”

Mind you, because Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has not become official yet, the platform still censors conservatives and alternative views, so the debunking of the lies won’t go nearly as far as they should.

Our society continues its collapse, driven solely by the America-hating Left who want to see us all fight each other rather than figure out that they are our biggest threat.

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