Unhinged left-wing journalist now calling on assets of Fox News owner to be seized for pushing “Russian propaganda”

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Image: Unhinged left-wing journalist now calling on assets of Fox News owner to be seized for pushing “Russian propaganda”

(Natural News) While the leftist Western media has become increasingly strident and unhinged in recent years, one of them has now gone full authoritarian because he can’t stand the fact that not everyone else in the industry agrees with him.

Writing in the far-left GuardianObserver columnist Nick Cohen point-blank called for Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News, to have his billions in assets frozen and seized for ‘pushing Russian propaganda’ on the network.

“Fox News deals in Kremlin propaganda. So why not freeze Rupert Murdoch’s assets? If NewsCorp’s owner were Russian, there would be no hesitation in applying sanctions,” the piece’s sub-head says.

He begins:

If the west could find the courage, it would order an immediate freeze of Rupert Murdoch’s assets. His Fox News presenters and Russia’s propagandists are so intermeshed that separating the two is as impossible as unbaking a cake.

On Russian state news, as on Fox, bawling ideologues scream threats then whine about their victimhood as they incite anger and self-pity in equal measures.

Note that this Western journalist won’t capitalize ‘west’ because of his utter contempt for our systems and values — all of which makes you wonder why he doesn’t pack his things and move to a communist ‘paradise’ where no one can question the ‘official narratives.’

The hater and authoritarian continues:

The UK’s sanctions regulations include among the reasons for freezing an oligarch’s assets “obtaining a benefit from or supporting the Government of Russia”. The Biden White House promises to punish those “responsible for providing the support necessary to underpin Putin’s war on Ukraine”. On both interpretations, there is a plausible prosecution case for freezing the assets of Murdoch’s NewsCorp.


Because it is a media conglomerate, sanctions would be an attack on free speech. I say this plainly because so many writers and political actors pretend that they are not demanding censorship when that is precisely what they are doing. Nevertheless, in this case the threat to freedom is minimal. Murdoch would not be punished for revealing embarrassing truths about the west but for spreading demonstrable lies for a hostile foreign power.

Some Fox News hosts including Tucker Carlson have not bought into the spoon-fed narrative from the U.S. government and the rest of the West — that the war in Ukraine, while an illegal invasion, automatically means everyone in Ukraine is a victim and full of goodness and a zen for democracy. In fact, Ukraine was one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, is full of neo-Nazis who hate Jews and attack gypsies, and do underhanded deals with American politicians and their families like the Bidens.

That doesn’t mean that Carlson is pushing “Russian propaganda.” In fact, anyone who has watched him speak on this subject knows that he has no special love for Russian President Vladimir Putin, either, and has said so on many occasions. He has also described Putin as a “madman” and an “authoritarian,” and has even said he ought to be held responsible for his actions.

But Carlson is a traditional journalist: He literally holds those in power accountable, which is what our founders had in mind for American journalism when they conceived the “freedom of the press” provision within the First Amendment. And when our leaders lie to us (which is often) or when they act in a corrupt manner, both Democrats and Republicans, he calls them out. Again, regular viewers of his nightly Fox News program know that; tyrannical haters like Cohen, however, obviously don’t.

That he would call for the confiscation of someone’s wealth while also taking a giant dump on the concept of a free press is becoming far too common for left-wing journalists in the modern era. They are literally calling for tyranny against anyone who doesn’t toe the established narrative.

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