Americans blame Democrats, Biden’s leadership as gas prices hit record highs

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Image: Americans blame Democrats, Biden’s leadership as gas prices hit record highs

(Natural News) Surveys have shown that Americans blame Democrats and President Joe Biden’s leadership as gas prices reached record high levels. Inflation also hit a 40-year high and the U.S. Gross Domestic Product shrunk 1.4 percent in the first quarter of the year.

As voters admit that rising gas prices are touching every aspect of their lives, the economy has become a top issue in the upcoming elections.

A Trafalgar Group survey found that 38.5 percent of voters chose lowering inflation and fixing the economy to be the most important issue to them in the midterms. Climate change came in a far second at 15.9 percent, while racial and social equality took the third top concern at 11.3 percent. Securing the border came in at 11 percent, and no other issue garnered over 10 percent of concern.

Gas prices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware are now at an all-time high. Currently, it is $4.64 per gallon in Philadelphia, which is 14 cents above the statewide average. It’s at $4.50 in Pennsylvania and $4.47 in New Jersey.

On average, drivers are paying $4.32 per gallon nationally for unleaded, which is already $1.35 higher compared to a year ago. Diesel price is also at its all-time high at $5.54 per gallon.

Media outlets have blamed the rising crude oil prices and concern about less Russian oil entering the global market. (Related: Biden is more to blame for skyrocketing US gas prices than Putin, report shows.)

As the cost of gas closes in on $5 per gallon, every driver is feeling the pain at the pump, and some say they’re sick of hearing about it. “Everybody’s driving around trying to get to the cheaper gas, just get the gas. It’s not going to go anywhere, so just get the gas. Pay what you got to pay,” Philadelphia resident Michele Edwards said.


Voytek Wolfe, a political science professor at Rutgers University-Camden, said that how people vote in November could make a difference. “These are all highly political issues. We’re going into midterms elections, then we’ll be prepping for the presidential elections, so I imagine it’s going to be a hot top issue,” he said. (Related: Trump’s 2020 prediction gas prices would reach $7 under Biden comes true.)

Alternative transportation helps combat soaring gas prices

While there are plenty of strategies to help save money on gas, some are ditching the use of cars or using them less often.

A survey showed 44 percent of respondents saying they walked instead of driving due to the soaring gas prices, while another 18 percent said they used a bike as an alternative to driving. And while these are healthy and affordable alternatives, there are other modes of transportation available for the spring season.

Interest in electric cars, scooters and battery-powered e-bikes also climbed. Shoppers searching for electric vehicles on rose 173 percent from late February to late March.

While overall car sales have been slow in early 2022 because of the ongoing supply chain problems, electric cars have been doing fairly well. Tesla sales are up 42 percent year-over-year in the first quarter of 2022 in the U.S. and now account for 22 percent of the luxury vehicle market.

Mass transit costs have far fewer price hikes: tickets for buses, trains, subways and light-rail systems are even more frugal options for commuters. The Tri-Rail commuter train in South Florida hit a recent peak at almost the same time the gas prices were hitting highs in early March.

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Watch the video below as Joe Biden blames everyone but his government for the inflation that he created, including the rising fuel prices and the likelihood of an economic crash.

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