Planned Parenthood workers support child sex abuse, trafficking and pedophilia

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Image: Planned Parenthood workers support child sex abuse, trafficking and pedophilia

(Natural News) America’s largest abortion provider is infested with workers who aid and abet child traffickers in terminating pregnancies for underage girls in the sex trade.

A new investigation has found that Planned Parenthood not only turns a blind eye to child sex trafficking but also supports it. Employees of the abortion provider have been caught time and time again helping child sex traffickers obtain contraceptives, sexually transmitted disease (STD) tests, and abortions for underage girls.

The pro-life group Live Action obtained evidence back in 2011 against eight Planned Parenthood staffers who aided in child trafficking. Today, that number is likely much, much higher.

New footage depicts Planned Parenthood employees giving advice to child sex traffickers about the best ways to get an abortion in order to avoid detection by law enforcement. These same employees are also seen admitting that Planned Parenthood ignores parental consent laws and illegally performs abortions on underage child sex slaves.

Live Action has once again caught Planned Parenthood red-handed in a web of lies. The abortion provider has long claimed that it does not avoid reporting cases of child abuse, but the latest undercover footage proves this to be a lie.

Study finds that Planned Parenthood employees are “facilitators” of child sex traffickers

Following the 2011 revelations, Planned Parenthood promised to do a better job at detecting and reporting cases of child sex abuse. It turns out that this, too, was a lie, as Planned Parenthood continues to facilitate child sex abuse.


A recent study by Gabrielle Tornow concludes that Planned Parenthood employees are, in fact, “facilitators” of child exploitation, particularly among young girls who are passed around in the sex trade.

Undercover investigators pretending to be teenage girls as young as 15 openly engaged in conversations with Planned Parenthood staffers about bondage, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism (BDSM) as if this is all normal for underage youth.

Not a single Planned Parenthood employee asked the underage girls any important questions such as how old their boyfriends were, nor did they provide any useful advice about how to avoid pregnancy in the first place.

“Instead, the employees stated that as long as the relationship was consensual, everything within those lines was automatically deemed acceptable – regardless of age,” reports Blacklisted News.

“The staff unsurprisingly reassured and encouraged the teens to hide their sexual encounters from their parents. Then they went on to advise the girls on how to obtain abortions without parental consent.”

Perhaps the worst and most shocking element of the investigation was Planned Parenthood employees telling these underage girls to lie and run away to another state, if necessary, in order to avoid parental consent laws.

At every turn, Planned Parenthood seems to be working against parents and the best interests of their children, and for child traffickers who exploit underage children in the sex trade (Related: Planned Parenthood also supports prostitution).

“Did you really think it was possible for a pack of Satanists to be able to operate in ethical ways?” asked a commenter concerning Planned Parenthood and how it functions.

“Of course, everything is upside down and backward in this country run by the most evil people in the world,” wrote another. “Wave your little blue and yellow flag while they exterminate you.”

Another wrote that attempting to make the world a better place under these circumstances “is likened to a physician treating symptoms.”

“He is ignoring the root cause: sin,” this person wrote. “Like the patient, he shall wax worse and worse. ‘But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived’ – 2 Timothy 3:13.”

Another wrote that this all happened before in ancient Rome right before that decadent society collapsed on itself.

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