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Image: America Unhinged: When people lose their freedoms bit by bit, they are headed toward slavery – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) For Dr. Syed Haider, real freedom simply means being able to choose different things and go in different directions that you want.

“So a lot of people are boxed in with debt and they’re basically slaves of their jobs and they don’t really have choices left in life. So real freedom is [having a] choice. The ability to choose different things and go in different directions and not be stuck doing one thing and unable to change it,” Haider told host Dr. John Diamond during the May 4 episode of “America Unhinged” on Brighteon.TV.

“And so slavery can come in different flavors and different forms. But you know slavery is like the loss of the choice or of the freedom to choose for yourself and so that’s what we’re seeing. We’re seeing (the) loss of bodily autonomy like you don’t have a choice what goes in your body, you can’t choose.”

The veteran internal medicine specialist pointed out that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had scared people into giving up their freedoms, and a much worse pandemic could be used to totally take the freedoms that people have. (Related: Wheels of freedom: American truckers set to launch People’s Convoy against Biden’s tyrannical COVID mandates.)

Haider said when people lose their freedoms bit by bit they are headed toward slavery. According to Haider, for most of human history slavery happened everywhere in the world. Now, it is making a comeback.

Slavery didn’t entirely disappear. Diamond pointed out that throughout human history, mankind has been enslaved by their government through a series of legislation. He cited as an example the Intolerable Acts, which were four punitive measures enacted by the British Parliament in retaliation for acts of colonial defiance, which Diamond said was a type of government-controlled slavery.


America has generally enjoyed freedom in the past several decades, but the country is starting to lose it now.

“I think we have not been grateful for all the blessings that we’ve enjoyed in the last 50 years as Americans. And when you’re not grateful for something, you’re really liable to lose it and that’s what we’re seeing now. We’re seeing people who don’t really know the value of freedom of speech. They don’t know the value of the Bill of Rights and what we’ve been guaranteed by our Founding Fathers. They don’t realize the value of any of these things,” Haider said.

He implored Americans to talk about these freedoms and tell others, especially the newer generations, that these freedoms are important because other people have died fighting for them so that they would have those freedoms.

Central bank digital currency is going to be a form of control and slavery

Haider also warned that the central bank digital currency being rolled out is going to be another form of control and slavery.

“And people are going to be sold really hard on the central bank digital currency and on all of these things, all of these mechanisms of control. They sell you really hard on them because they try to get you to ask for them or beg for them like this is the solution to our problems,” Haider said.

The mainstream media is helping the government achieve this by brainwashing people with propaganda.

Diamond said the American people’s minds are disconnected from reality. “Looking closely at the facts and the reality of the situation is going to show people something totally contrary to the propaganda that they are being fed,” he said.

The Brighteon.TV host also noted that the Deep State controls everything, including the government, media, schools, big box stores, among others. He added that people around the world need to wake up and realize that they are being played.

Diamond said the whole pandemic was planned from the beginning and those behind it are going to continue to use these things to push for the totalitarian government that they want. He added that this One World government will control everything from the United Nations through government treaties.

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