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Image: Dan Happel, Jim Beers talk about exposing corruption in the federal government – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Host Dan Happel and former wildlife service official turned whistleblower Jim Beers talked about exposing corruption in the federal government during the May 3 episode of “Connecting the Dots” on Brighteon.TV.

A retired United States Fish and Wildlife Service biologist, Beers had exposed the misuse of the Pittman Robertson Fund and how wolves were being illegally brought into the U.S. through Canada.

The former special agent and refuge manager pointed out that the federal government bureaucracy has changed so much in the last 20 or 30 years and a lot of environmental and animal rights legislation were introduced by the federal government in the 1970s.

Beers, who has worked closely with state fish and wildlife agencies, mentioned that the people taking over the Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service and Bureau of Land Management were mainly “hostile” and “urban” people not necessarily trained in wildlife management, forestry management and range management.

The former program analyst and congressional fellow in Washington also shared about the “new people” –  the first woman director of the Fish and Wildlife Service and a man coming from a woke or progressive Merchant Marine Fisheries command committee – who came after him when he exposed the corruption in the agency.

Beers added that they had threatened to transfer him to Boston or force him to retire, which eventually led him to hire a lawyer and testify before Congress about the theft by the Fish and Wildlife Service of as much as $60 million from the state fish and wildlife funds.


$60M state fish and wildlife funds have gone missing

The former wetlands biologist disclosed that most of the missing Fish and Wildlife Service funds were used to trap, transport and release Canadian gray wolves into Yellowstone National Park and the opening of a Fish and Wildlife special regional office in California. Some were also given to a bunch of managers in the Fish and Wildlife Service at the Portland regional office in Washington. He noted that Congress did not fund or authorize it.

Beers had also testified against the invasive species authority for the Fish and Wildlife Service. The retired wildlife biologist shared that he had signed a six-figure settlement agreement that for three years he would not discuss his separation from the government.

According to Beers, nobody in the Fish and Wildlife Service was prosecuted or admonished. He recalled that he once made a list of 15 different federal laws that were violated, such as holding back the money and using it for their own purpose, doing something that Congress had not authorized or had not funded and making importation documents at the border from Canada. (Related: Toni Shuppe tells Dr. Alan Keyes: There is a lot more corruption going on at certain levels of our government – Brighteon.TV.)

He pointed out that the Canadian gray wolves that were brought into the Yellowstone National Park were dangerous animals and that it was a poor choice and a bad deal.

“Those are pretty wicked animals like Grizzly bears are. They’re not really suited for settled landscape ever. They really aren’t for a whole host of reasons. But whether it’s human safety, livestock safety or big game, herd management or whatever, it was a very poor choice,” Beers explained.

Happel noted that these Canadian gray wolves were much bigger and heavier compared to the average timber wolves, and that these apex predators that hunt as a pack are very dangerous when placed in a subtle landscape, especially if you have cattle or horses.

Beers agreed and lamented the fact that people who have suffered from wolf attacks are not speaking up and that the officials and agencies responsible have done nothing to address the issue.

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Watch the full May 3 episode of “Connecting The Dots” below. You can catch “Connecting The Dots” with Dan Happel every Tuesday at 5-6 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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