Planned Parenthood is the “true face of white supremacy,” says black US Senate candidate

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Image: Planned Parenthood is the “true face of white supremacy,” says black US Senate candidate

(Natural News) If anything in this country truly exudes the spirit of “white supremacy,” it is Planned Parenthood, says T.W. Shannon, a U.S. Senate candidate who used to serve as the GOP Speaker of the Oklahoma House.

In a new campaign ad, Shannon calls America’s largest abortion provider “the true face of white supremacy in America.”

Shannon appeared on Fox News Digital to explain that he wants to educate and enlighten Americans as to the true racist history of Planned Parenthood, which kills more black people than police officers ever will.

“The truth is, there is nobody, no organization, more racist than Planned Parenthood,” Shannon said.

The ad features Shannon standing outside a Planned Parenthood butcher shop. He begins by calling organization founder Margaret Sanger a “vile racist” because of her longstanding support for eugenics, which largely targets “people of color.”

Back in 2019, we published a report about how the Left has been trying to rewrite the dark, racist history of Planned Parenthood.

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are both recipients of the Margaret Sanger Award

Simply put, Sanger hated black people. She called them “human weeds,” and one of her primary goals with Planned Parenthood was to eradicate them or at least keep their population numbers low.

Interestingly, failed presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton thinks very highly of Sanger. At one point, both she and Nancy Pelosi were given the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood.

“Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision,” Clinton is quoted as saying, adding that she is “really in awe” of Sanger for her “early work in Brooklyn, New York.”


Sanger was a queen of deception. Recognizing that she could not just eradicate black people outright, she once proposed hiring “three or four colored ministers, preferably with social service backgrounds and with engaging personalities” to trick blacks into going along with their own demise.

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” Sanger added.

Shannon’s ad focuses on Sanger’s tactics, revealing that eugenics is “an inherently racist and ableist ideology that labeled certain people unfit to have children.”

“In the early 20th century, eugenic ideas were popular among highly educated, privileged, and mostly white Americans,” Shannon says.

It is highly unlikely that anything has changed since that time. There is almost no chance that Planned Parenthood’s agenda has somehow morphed into being anti-racist.

The fact of the matter is that tens of millions of black babies, along with white babies, have been exterminated since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States.

“Don’t tell me black lives matter until these lives matter,” Shannon says about the innocent black babies who are being murdered inside the womb at the hands of Planned Parenthood eugenicists.

“The Truth is that Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margret Sanger, was a vile eugenicist who hated blacks, & that 400,000 black babies are aborted every year,” Shannon tweeted.

“There’s no greater killer of black people than the abortion lobby & Dems don’t care.”

You can watch Shannon’s campaign ad below:

Shannon is also an outspoken critic of left-wing “cancel culture,” which attempts to silence truths like these from ever seeing the light of day. It is surprising that Shannon’s campaign video is even allowed on Twitter at all in light of the prevailing censorship trends.

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