Eco-terrorists smash gas pumps, absurdly claim that too much oil and gas will cause global starvation and crop failures

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Image: Eco-terrorists smash gas pumps, absurdly claim that too much oil and gas will cause global starvation and crop failures

(Natural News) It takes a lot of fossil fuel to produce the amount of food needed to feed the world within its current industrialized structure. But according to an eco-terrorist group called “Just Stop Oil,” oil and gas must be destroyed in order to prevent crop failures and global starvation.

A roving band of mostly women from the group recently went on a destruction spree in the United Kingdom, smashing gas pumps while howling about how the use of fuel is going to destroy their future.

“Hi, I’m Louise, I’m 23, and I’m doing this because currently, the government doesn’t care about our lack of futures that inaction on the emergency, which is the climate crisis, is literally going to destroy lives in the next 10-20 years,” one girl said while being filmed as part of what appeared to be a staged media report about the “protest.”

“It’s going to be a mass crop failure, mass drought, mass starvation – and because they’re doing nothing, we are forced to cause destruction to make them listen,” the girl went on to complain.

She and others like her appeared at two different petrol stations in the U.K.: one in Surrey and the other in Kent. They came equipped with little metal tools to destroy the pump screens, as well as spray paint to destroy the displays.

This destruction against private petrol stations was supposedly intended to get back at the British government for failing to immediately ban all fossil fuels because some addled teens find their use upsetting.

Without oil and gas, billions would die

The reality, of course, is that without oil and gas, Louise and her friends would already be dead due to lack of food and starvation. Little does she know that fossil fuel is required to produce fertilizer, which is then applied to food crops in order to make them grow.


Sure, food can be grown without these things, but not in the quantities currently required to feed the world’s population. There would need to be a major shift from large-scale industrial farming to smaller-scale and even backyard farming, much like what exists in parts of Europe and elsewhere.

Banning oil and gas like Louise is demanding would starve out billions of people in a matter of weeks or even days. She clearly does not have a clue how the food system works.

Not only that, banning oil and gas would also leave Louise’s living accommodations without any heat. Good luck trying to survive next winter without that important resource.

Why these children were allowed to destroy private property while being filmed doing it – and while police officers stood around and did nothing – is suspect. It is almost as if such incidents are being staged for some ulterior purpose.

“Find out who their parents are and do not let them buy oil for their cars or houses,” one commenter wrote.

“Good thing they had their cars to drive there and get away in,” wrote another, making a great point about the idiocy on display (assuming it was genuine).

“They’re wearing petrol-based hi-vis vests,” suggested another, pointing out even more hypocrisy. “Not to mention all the other possessions that are made with oil products.”

“Brainwashed imbeciles keep talking about 1.5 degrees Celsius as the tipping point. This is anecdotal, but it’s been an average of 5 degrees Celsius lower than normal where I live this April. We are currently in a solar minimum, and if it continues for another solar cycle latitudes above 50 will have a hard time growing crops.”

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