WAR MONGER HYPOCRISY: USA assassinates leaders, bombs civilian infrastructure, and steals resources from countries, now complains about Russia in Ukraine

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Image: WAR MONGER HYPOCRISY: USA assassinates leaders, bombs civilian infrastructure, and steals resources from countries, now complains about Russia in Ukraine

(Natural News) Wait, what? Russia is bombing infrastructure in Ukraine and taking its resources? Sounds just like the USA in Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. Every time the US bombs another country around the world, it’s 100% justified by the US press, including assassinating leaders (think Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdh?f?, Osama Bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein), killing civilians, annihilating their vital infrastructures, stealing their resources, dealing weapons to “rebel” forces, and calling it all the installation of “democracy.”

It’s always justified when the USA is the aggressor. By bombing key infrastructure in other countries, the USA indirectly KILLS hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, by causing them to starve to death or die from disease. It’s always acts of war targeting civilians, one way or another.

The USA uses NATO and the UN as a cover, as support for unwarranted aggression, occupation, and flogging of foreign resources we have NO rights to take. Should the world hate us as much as we’re supposed to hate Russia right now for doing what we are so seasoned at doing over the past 35 years? All US “wars” are really just false flags for politicians to launder money, run guns, and steal resources while claiming to defend against “communist aggression” or random terrorists.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: From the dirty bombs of mustard gas in WWI to the “dirty bombs” of bio-terrorism happening right now

Dirty bombs have been around for a long, long time. Chemical weapons of mass destruction date back to the mustard gas of World War I. Dial it back to 1915, over a century ago, and German forces shocked the world when they shot over a hundred tons of deadly chlorine gas into Allied forces’ French colonial divisions, decimating the whole military line. The Germans wiped out 4 miles of the Allied forces’ front lines, including in the trenches, with windblown poisonous gas.


Mustard gas blisters the skin, the eyes, and the lungs. Then it kills you. What you may not know is that the United States also used CHEMICAL WEAPONS as we entered World War I in 1917, firing poison gas at the Germans a year later, killing thousands of soldiers, including 2,000 American soldiers (among the half-a-million soldiers that died from poisonous gas in that war alone).

USA‘s bio-terrorism DISINFORMATION campaign about the War in Ukraine

A big part of the disinformation campaign about the War in Ukraine (which fake news calls the “Russia’s War ON Ukraine,” has much to do with the United States engineering MORE deadly chemical weapons in provinces that are adjacent to Russia. You will not hear about THIS on the Counterfeit News Network (CNN) or in the ‘D.C. Rag’ (WaPo).

In dozens of laboratories in Ukraine, US scientists are working on “gain of function” and other bio-terrorism, dirty bombs, right next to Russia, and Russia has already captured much of the evidence and proof.

This is what the Biden Regime and NATO are freaking out about, trying to cover up, and stop the bleeding by arming Ukrainians with every weapon the USA owns (leaving us open for attacks here in the USA). Russian officials even warn USA citizens about our evil government (Biden’s CCP Regime) that may be about to stage another false flag “WMD” dirty bomb that could be targeted at Russia, or maybe the whole world soon.

Realize that this is why the fake news wants Americans to HATE Russia and believe that THEY are the aggressors, when really, the “invasion” is most likely their attempt to defend their own country, and expose the dirty virus bombs the USA is hiding in Ukraine.

The rest of the propagated WWIII “theatre” is about controlling, limiting, suspending, and ultimately destroying the food and fuel supplies to America, as an effort to install communism and dismantle the Constitution, once and for all. Tune your internet dial to FoodSupply.news for updates on NATO throwing gasoline on the fire in Ukraine, just adding to the chaos of food shortages around the world, all in the name of fake “democracy” protection.

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