DOMESTIC TERRORISM? The “illegal” questioning of mainstream medical narratives in America

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Image: DOMESTIC TERRORISM? The “illegal” questioning of mainstream medical narratives in America

(Natural News) Since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was released from a lab in China, no Americans have been allowed to question the mainstream narrative that it’s the deadliest pandemic to ever hit the world, and everyone must wear masks 24/7/365 and get vaccines every four to six months for the rest of their lives in order to survive. But science changes, and so do narratives, so why can’t anyone ask questions? Isn’t that the basis of science itself? As it turns out, most people who died from the Fauci Flu died after they got vaccinated against it (based on actual autopsies), and many of those folks already had a debilitating disease or two, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and/or dementia.

Still, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) calls you a “domestic terrorist” should you have any questions about the safety and efficacy of the Wuhan Flu shots, or anything else that fake news MSM claims is the gospel.

Pfizer CEO wants anyone who questions deadly “vaccines” put in prison, but what about people who question pesticides, glyphosate and chemotherapy?

Pfizer CEO and political guru Albert Bourla says you are a criminal who needs to serve unlimited prison time if you question Pfizer’s blood-clotting experiment that they call “vaccines.” According to Bourla’s philosophy, anyone who disagrees that the Pfizer vaccine is 100 percent safe and 100 percent effective 100 percent of the time is deemed a spreader of “misinformation” and should serve hard time in federal prison as a “domestic terrorist,” or at least until they agree with the narrative (then maybe they get paroled).


You are an “unlawful member of society” who must be punished for disagreeing with fake science, fake research and faked statistical “findings” that are all bought and paid for by the manufacturers of the experimental concoctions. It’s like going to prison for life centuries ago because you thought the Earth was round and that it rotates around the Sun. Hypocrisy! Burn the witches! They would say.

Are we allowed to question the lethality of chemical pesticides in our food? Just because some fake science papers in fake science journals says it’s safe does NOT make it so. How many people have died from toxic chemotherapy, and then been labeled a death from cancer? Can we ask questions about that?

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla believes you are guilty of MURDER just for thinking that his COVID-19 vaccines don’t work so well, but what about opioid-based painkillers?

If you question vaccines, Bourla contends, then you know what you are saying is a lie. It would be the same if you question the safety and efficacy of opioid-based painkillers, including Fentanyl. Imagine that – being thrown in prison for questioning the “safety and efficacy” of heroin-based painkillers, the culprit of an entire epidemic of accidental deaths, overdoses and suicides.

Remember, oxycodone can be extracted from Pfizer’s PFE.N experimental opioid painkiller (Troxyca ER) using certain solvents, as even the FDA admitted. Around the clock pain killers turned into horrific “around the clock addiction.” The same happened with Pfizer’s morphine-based painkiller Embeda, all set-up for abusers to crush and snort, swallow or inject. The CDC estimates more than 75 Americans die every day from opioid overdose. Are we allowed to question and criticize the “safety and efficacy” of that, Mr. Bourla? Or would that be the spreading of “misinformation” worthy of life in federal prison without parole for being a “domestic terrorist” who puts lives at risk?

What’s next? What if people question the safety of “self-driving cars” before they come out, is this also “literally costing lives of humans?” And after one of your own close relatives dies just after taking the Pfizer vaccine, should you post anything online that questions that vaccine, are you still a domestic terrorist spreading misinformation? According to Pfizer’s CEO, yes, you are.

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