Disney corporate insurance pays for TRANS SURGERIES and HORMONES for employees and their children

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Image: Disney corporate insurance pays for TRANS SURGERIES and HORMONES for employees and their children

(Natural News) In another testament to The Walt Disney Company becoming the “tranniest” place on Earth, leaked footage revealed that the media conglomerate shoulders both trans surgeries and hormones for employees and their children.

Christopher Rufo of the City Journal posted the footage on Twitter, which was leaked from Disney’s Reimagine Tomorrow virtual summit. He wrote: “Disney has adopted a benefits program to assist employees and their minor children with ‘gender affirmation procedures.’ This type of treatment typically includes puberty blockers, breast removal and genital surgeries for ‘kids who are transitioning.'”

The video showed an unidentified Disney employee explaining the company’s efforts to support transgender employees.

“The other big area we are working on is gender identity and expression. We are doing all of this work to ensure that our employees and cast [members] can express their gender here authentically and proudly at the company. [Disney management is] working on coming up with guides on how to change your photo [and] information about pronouns.”

The employee added that Disney’s benefits team can provide more details about “gender affirmation procedures both for our employees who are transitioning or [already] trans, [and] also for our employees who have kids who are transitioning.”

PJ Media columnist Megan Fox puts in her two cents on the issue in an April 7 piece. She wrote that Disney, which “built its brand on families with children and then turned on that customer base for the latest political fad that is harming children, deserves every bit of ruin and ridicule they are getting.”


Fox denounced the “gender experiments on children” shouldered by Disney’s corporate insurance as “the most barbaric thing to happen to children since lobotomies were performed on rebellious teens and the mentally disabled were forcibly sterilized.”

“Just because a child says they have some kind of discomfort with their bodies doesn’t mean they were ‘born in the wrong body.’ No one is born in the wrong body. Anyone who thinks they are needs therapeutic help or simply the space and time to grow out of it and come to terms with reality.”

Disney becoming the magical kingdom of transgenderism

Disney’s corporate insurance shouldering transgender surgeries and hormones aligns with its general pivot toward transgenderism endorsed from the top down.

Earlier, Rufo posted leaked footage from Disney executives during the same virtual summit that talked about the media conglomerate deliberately pushing the trans agenda. Big League Politics reported that three company executives spoke at the Reimagine Tomorrow summit on Zoom and reiterated Disney’s stance.

Disney President for General Entertainment Content President Karey Burke talked about the need for “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters” in Disney materials, adding that she wants at least half of the characters in programs to be part of the minority and LGBT communities. “I’m here as the mother of two queer children – actually, one transgender child and one pansexual child, and also as a leader,” she said. (Related: Disney promises to make more gay content for kids.)

Meanwhile, Disney executive producer for television animation Latoya Raveneau said the company had turned a blind eye to her deliberate inclusion of LGBT propaganda in shows. “Our leadership over there has been so welcoming to my not-so-secret gay agenda. Wherever I could, I was adding queerness too. No one would stop me and no one was trying to stop me,” she bragged.

Vivian Ware, Disney diversity and inclusion manager, confirmed that the company’s theme parks in Florida and California have dropped all “gendered greetings” to ensure children who do not identify as either male or female experience that “magical moment.”

“Last summer, we removed all gendered greetings in [relation] to our live spiels. We no longer say ‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.’ We’ve provided training to all our cast members so now they know it’s ‘Hello, everyone’ or ‘Hello, friends.'”

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Watch Disney executive Karey Burke reiterating the need for more trans characters in Disney shows below.

This video is from the Thrivetime Show channel on Brighteon.com.

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