In preparation for nuclear war, Romania issues potassium iodide pills to citizens

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Image: In preparation for nuclear war, Romania issues potassium iodide pills to citizens

(Natural News) Eastern Europe appears to be gearing up for nuclear war as the Romanian government reportedly hands out potassium iodide pills to its citizens.

The Romanian Ministry of Health, in conjunction with other government leaders, announced a campaign to “inform the population on how to administer and store potassium iodide tablets” in anticipation of a nuclear conflict.

“The Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance House will establish the legal procedure for the distribution of potassium iodide pills for the population aged 0 to 40 years,” reads an announcement from the Romanian government. (Related: Remember when the Japanese government admitted that it should have handed out potassium iodide pills to citizens following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster?)

The way potassium iodide works is it helps block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland. In the event of a nuclear incident, potassium iodide could be a lifesaver, protecting the thyroid against radiation injury.

“The thyroid gland cannot tell the difference between non-radioactive and radioactive iodine,” reads an infographic from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “It will absorb both kinds.”

“When a person takes KI (another name for potassium iodide), the thyroid absorbs the non-radioactive iodine in the medicine. Because KI contains so much non-radioactive iodine, the thyroid becomes ‘full’ and cannot absorb any more iodine – either stable or radioactive – for the next 24 hours.”


European Commission urges all EU members to start stockpiling iodide tablets

According to reports, Romania will start distributing the tablets in the second half of April. The government has not indicated why it is doing this, nor is it explaining the urgency behind the campaign.

“At this time, there is no danger of making these pills necessary,” the Romanian health ministry announced.

It turns out that Romania shares a 381-mile border with Ukraine, so perhaps the country is preparing for an escalated conflict. Russian forces have reportedly captured multiple nuclear power stations in Ukraine as the country enters its 40th day of the conflict.

Last month, the European Commission announced that European Union (EU) member nations should also start stockpiling iodide tablets as a preparedness measure.

“The commission is working to ensure it enhances preparedness in the area of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear threats (CRBN) generally, and this predates the war in Ukraine,” a commission spokesman told FT.

Interestingly, Google searches for “potassium iodide” have spiked to levels not seen since the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

Is NATO preparing for an all-out nuclear war with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine? Many signs are pointing to yes.

“The one country that has been evil enough to actually use nuclear weapons (these bombs don’t discriminate) is the country that runs NATO,” wrote someone at Zero Hedge, referring of course to the United States.

“Is that the same national leadership that justifies Black Lives Matter, 20% inflation, an open southern border, and Hunter Biden?” responded another.

Someone else pointed out that iodide only protects the body against radioactive isotopes of iodine, and none of the other radioactive chemicals. So what good is this initiative in practical terms?

“The critical task is to keep any radioactive dust from falling on you in the first place and putting as much mass between you and radioactive particles before and after the fallout,” suggested another in response.

“They are preparing the lot for seeding another false flag,” said another, offering a more conspiratorial perspective. “This time it will be radioactive.”

Still another warned that potassium iodide will not provide protection against Sr-90 or Cs-137, both of which have a longer half-life than I-131.

“And the former gets in your bones as a calcium analogue while the latter is a potassium / sodium analogue.”

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