More than 400 Yale students sign letter against alliance defending freedom appearing on campus
04/06/2022 // News Editors // Views

More than 400 Yale Law School students — over 60 percent of the school’s student body — signed an open letter against free speech and a police presence on campus after hysterical woke students shouted down a bipartisan panel about civil liberties featuring the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

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Last month, nearly 120 woke Yale Law School students disrupted a bipartisan panel by trying to shout down and intimidate the speakers, who later had to be escorted out of the building by police. One of America’s best and brightest future Ivy League graduates screeched at the ADF representative: “I will literally fight you, bitch!”

Yale protest ADF

After that, over 60 percent of Yale Law School’s student body signed an open letter condemning the school for inviting a representative from ADF to campus, and calling on administrators to change Yale Law “policies or practices that invite police officers onto our campus in response to peaceful student protests.”

“We write as a coalition of queer students and allies deeply concerned with the presence of armed police at a peaceful protest of law students on campus,” the students began in their letter.

The letter went on to explain that “an organic student protest emerged” in response to the panel, “and, instead of listening to student concerns, faculty told peaceful student protesters to ‘grow up,'”

“We write today because, in addition to the deeply disrespectful presence of ADF on campus and the faculty moderator’s dismissal of our peaceful action as childish, armed police officers were called into the Sterling Law Building in response to our exercise of peaceful protest,” they continued.


“The safety of a large contingent of YLS students — a group of largely LGBTQ and BIPOC students — was put at risk, possibly by our own administration,” the letter claimed. “We are saddened and appalled that a group of YLS’ most vulnerable students were put in danger.”

“We urge YLS to change any policies or practices that invite police officers onto our campus in response to peaceful student protests,” the students said.

The letter went on to call on the school’s administration to “work to build explicit policy that such a response is unwarranted, regardless of who summons police officers.”

Yale Law School had hosted the bipartisan panel in hopes to show students that a liberal atheist and a conservative Christian can find common ground on free speech issues.

After the panel was disrupted, D.C. circuit Judge Laurence Silberman urged his colleagues to “carefully consider” whether the Yale Law School students who shouted down the bipartisan panel discussion on free speech “should be disqualified from potential clerkships.”

Here are the 416 Yale Law School students who signed the open letter condemning free speech and police presence on campus:

Samuel Aber (JD Candidate, 2022)

Akshat Agarwal (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Joshua Aiken (JD Candidate, 2023)

Matei Alexianu (JD Candidate, 2023)

Nada Aljassar (JD Candidate 2024)

Nicole Allicock (JD Candidate, 2022)

Richard J. Altieri (JD Candidate, 2022)

Liza Anderson (JD Candidate, 2024)

Natalie Andros (JD Candidate, 2024)

Marlene Arias (JD Candidate, 2024)

Josh Asabor (JD Candidate, 2023)

Nargis Aslami (JD Candidate, 2024)

Lucía Baca (JD Candidate, 2024)

Daniel Backman (JD Candidate, 2023)

Sarah Baer (JD Candidate, 2024)

Rachel Baker (JD Candidate, 2024)

Sarah Baldinger (JD Candidate, 2022)

Atticus Ballesteros (JD Candidate, 2022)

Ryanne Bamieh (JD Candidate, 2023)

Isabelle Barnard (JD Candidate, 2023)

David Bassali (JD Candidate, 2022)

Brandon Baum (JD Candidate, 2023)

Abigail Bazin (JD Candidate, 2023)

Lauren Beccue (JD Candidate, 2023)

Connor Bell (JD Candidate, 2024)

Yonat Ben-Ozer (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Nketiah Berko (JD Candidate, 2023)

Gustavo Berrizbeitia (JD Candidate, 2024)

Abigail Bessler (JD Candidate, 2024)

Daniel Betancourt (JD Candidate, 2022)

Helia Bidad (JD Candidate, 2022)

Rubin Danberg Biggs (JD Candidate, 2023)

Kyle Bigley (JD Candidate, 2022)

D Black (JD Candidate, 2022)

Kyra Blas (JD Candidate, 2023)

Charlotte Blatt (JD Candidate, 2022)

Russell Bogue (JD Candidate, 2023)

Al Brady (JD Candidate, 2024)

Colette Le Brannan (JD Candidate, 2023)

Kyle Bright (JD Candidate, 2023)

Gregory Briker (JD Candidate, 2024)

Teddy Brokaw (JD Candidate, 2023)

Psalm Brown (JD Candidate, 2023)

Matt Brundage (JD Candidate, 2024)

Natasha Brunstein (JD Candidate, 2022)

Callie Bruzzone (JD Candidate, 2023)

Matthew Buck (JD Candidate, 2024)

Ella Klahr Bunnell (JD Candidate, 2024)

Colin Burke (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jackson Busch (JD Candidate, 2022)

Kathryn Bussey (JD Candidate, 2024)

Catherine Camp (JD Candidate, 2022)

Ronan Campbell (JD Candidate, 2024)

Yael Caplan (JD Candidate, 2023)

Andrés Caro (JSD Candidate, 2026)

Daniel Quintanilla Castro (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Hannah Barbosa Cesnik (JD Candidate, 2022)

Nathan Chael (JD Candidate, 2024)

Angela Chan (JD Candidate, 2022)

Alyssa Chan (JD Candidate, 2023)

Aroosa Cheema (JD Candidate, 2024)

Kevin Chen (JD Candidate, 2023)

Kevin Cheng (JD Candidate, 2024)

Lyle Cherneff (JD Candidate, 2024)

Ify Chikezie (JD Candidate, 2022)

Ben Choi (JD Candidate, 2022)

Jade Chowning (JD Candidate, 2024)

Sophie Clark (JD Candidate, 2023)

Elizabeth Clarke (JD Candidate, 2023)

Emily Jo Coady (JD Candidate, 2022)

Justin Cole (JD Candidate, 2023)

Seth Cole (JD Candidate, 2023)

Kenny Coleman (JD Candidate, 2024)

Benedict Coleridge (M.S.L Candidate)

Luke Connell (JD Candidate, 2022)

Leighton Fernando G. Cook (JD Candidate, 2024)

Jenna Cook (JD Candidate, 2024)

Kayla Crowell (JD Candidate, 2022)

Rachel Crowl (JD Candidate, 2024)

Andrea Alejandra Deleon Cruz (JD Candidate, 2024)

Patricia Cruz Marin (JSD Candidate)

Hadiyah Cummings ( JD Candidate, 2024)

Nathan Cummings (JD Candidate, 2023)

Sydney Daniels (JD Candidate, 2024)

Poonam Daryani (JD Candidate, 2023)

Antoine De Spiegeleir (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Gabriel A. Delaney (JD Candidate, 2022)

Sabrine Djemil (JD Candidate, 2022)

Ram Dolom(JD Candidate, 2023)

Henock Dory (JD Candidate, 2024)

Ellie Driscoll (JD Candidate, 2023)

Adrianna Duggan (JD Candidate, 2024)

Amelia Dunnell (JD Candidate, 2023)

Ayesha Durrani (JD Candidate, 2024)

Hannah Eichner (JD Candidate, 2024)

Eric Eisner (JD Candidate, 2023)

Clare Elizondo (JD Candidate, 2023)

Elaine Emmerich (JD Candidate, 2022)

Alex Emmons (JD Candidate, 2024)

Simon Engler (JD Candidate, 2023)

Darnell Epps (JD Candidate, 2024)

Jonathan Epps (JD Candidate, 2024)

Dominique Erney (JD Candidate, 2024)

Elle Eshleman (JD Candidate, 2023)

Chris Ewell (JD Candidate, 2022)

Logan Fairbourn (JD Candidate, 2023)

Ava Navarro Fakhrabadi (JD Candidate, 2024)

Raymond Fang (JD Candidate, 2023)

Amanda Gómez Feliz (JD Candidate, 2024)

Diego Fernández-Pagés (JD Candidate, 2024)

Leah Fessler (JD Candidate, 2024)

Catherine Feuille (JD Candidate, 2022)

Mark Firmani (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alexander Fischer (JD Candidate, 2022)

Adam Flaherty (JD Candidate, 2024)

Andrew Follett (JD Candidate, 2023)

Isabella Forero (JD Candidate, 2023)

Ali Fraerman (JD Candidate, 2023)

Michelle Fraling (JD Candidate, 2023)

Chloe Francis (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jaster Francis (JD Candidate, 2023)

Erik Fredericksen (JD Candidate, 2022)

Edward Friedman (JD Candidate, 2024)

David Froomkin (JD Candidate, 2022)

Kailyn Gaines (JD Candidate, 2023)

Ali Murat Gali (JD Candidate, 2022)

Kai Galindo (JD Candidate, 2023)

Shreyas Gandlur (JD Candidate, 2024)

Paula Garcia-Salazar (JD Candidate, 2022)

Jason Gardiner (JD Candidate, 2022)

Cat Gassiot (JD Candidate, 2024)

Gabriel Gassmann (JD Candidate, 2024)

Akriti Gaur (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Melissa Gayton (JD Candidate, 2024)

Liam Gennari (JD Candidate, 2022)

Adam Gerard (JD Candidate, 2023)

Sonia Ghura (JD Candidate, 2024)

Letizia Gianni (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Natalie Giotta (JD Candidate, 2022)

Brent Godfrey (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jacob Gonzalez (JD Candidate, 2024)

Alexandra Gonzalez (JD Candidate 2022)

Mikhael Grant (JD Candidate, 2024)

Valentina Guerrero (JD Candidate, 2024)

Annie Guilyard (JD Candidate, 2022)

Samarth Gupta (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alaa Hachem (JD Candidate, 2024)

Danny Haidar (JD Candidate, 2024)

Ali Hakim (JD Candidate, 2024)

Laura Hallas (JD Candidate, 2024)

Kate Hamilton (JD Candidate, 2022)

Elsa Hardy (JD Candidate, 2023)

Rebecca Harris (JD Candidate, 2024)

Mikayla Harris (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jelani Hayes (JD Candidate, 2023)

Frankie Hedgepeth (JD Candidate, 2022)

David Herman (JD Candidate, 2023)

Joshua Herman (JD Candidate, 2023)

Mat Hernandez (JD Candidate, 2024)

Nathan Hernandez (JD Candidate, 2024)

Eva Herzog (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Tim Hirschel-Burns (JD Candidate, 2022)

Josh Hochman (JD Candidate, 2024)

Sachin Holdheim (JD Candidate, 2024)

Eliane Holmlund (JD Candidate, 2022)

Jenna Hoskison (JD Candidate, 2024)

Elaine Hou (JD Candidate, 2024)

Margaret House (JD Candidate, 2022)

Susannah Howe (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jim Huang (JD Candidate, 2024)

Jessica Huang (JD Candidate, 2023)

A.J. Hudson (JD Candidate, 2023)

Sam Hull (JD Candidate, 2022)

R. Charlotte Ishida (JD Candidate, 2022)

Gabrielle Jackson (JD Candidate, 2023)

Liz Jacob (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jane Jacoby (JD Candidate, 2024)

Dominique James (JD Candidate, 2024)

Charlie Jiang (JD Candidate, 2024)

Alex Johnson (JD Candidate, 2024)

Fernando J. Loayza Jordán (JSD Candidate)

Grace Judge (JD Candidate, 2022)

Ezra Kagan (JD Candidate, 2022)

Alexis Kallen (JD Candidate, 2023)

Kart Kandula (JD Candidate, 2024)

Minju Kang (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Melissa Kay (JD Candidate, 2024)

Leah Kazar (JD Candidate, 2023)

Aaron Kelley (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jonah Kelly (JD Candidate, 2024)

Rekha Kennedy (JD Candidate, 2023)

Aisha Keown-Lang (JD Candidate, 2023)

Fiza Khan (JD Candidate, 2022)

Shariful Khan (JD Candidate, 2022)

Jaewon Kim (JD Candidate, 2024)

Natalie Kirchhoff (JD Candidate, 2023)

Clio Koller (JD Candidate, 2022)

Zoe Kreitenberg (JD Candidate, 2024)

Emma Kromm (JD Candidate, 2024)

Will Krueger (JD Candidate, 2024)

Lissa Kryska (JD Candidate, 2022)

Perry Kumagai (JD Candidate, 2022)

Irene Kwon (JD Candidate, 2022)

Rebecca Landau (JD Candidate, 2024)

Joe Landman (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Rob LaRose (JD Candidate, 2022)

Lorand Laskai (JD Candidate, 2022)

Carl Lasker (JD Candidate, 2024)

Emily Lau (JD Candidate, 2022)

Rosalyn Leban (JD Candidate, 2024)

Emma Findlen LeBlanc (JD Candidate, 2024)

Jared Lebrun (JD Candidate, 2022)

Aaron Bryce Lee (JD Candidate, 2023)

Tim Lee (JD Candidate, 2024)

Caroline Lefever (JD Candidate, 2024)

Josh Lefkow (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jan-Baptist Lemaire (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Raquel Leslie (JD Candidate, 2024)

Nina Leviten (JD Candidate, 2023)

Faith Lewis (JD Candidate, 2023)

Zoe Li (JD Candidate, 2023)

Danny Li (JD Candidate, 2022)

Angie Liao (JD Candidate, 2022)

Lauren Lin (JD Candidate, 2023)

Abyssinia Lissanu (JD Candidate, 2024)

Patrick Liu (JD Candidate, 2022)

Yixuan Liu (JD Candidate, 2024)

Lawrence Liu (JD Candidate, 2022)

Ryan Liu (JD Candidate, 2022)

B.J. Liu (JD Candidate, 2024)

Michael Loedel (JD Candidate, 2023)

Cynthia Long (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alice Longenbach (JD Candidate, 2023)

Marnie Lowe (JD Candidate, 2022)

Juan Fernando Luna (JD Candidate, 2023)

Wellington Mackey (JD Candidate, 2022)

Jacob Madden (JD Candidate, 2022)

Logan Malach (JD Candidate, 2022)

Pragya Malik (JD Candidate, 2024)

Arjun Malik (JD Candidate, 2024)

Isaac Barnes May (JD Candidate, 2024)

Bo Malin-Mayor (JD Candidate, 2023)

Helen Malley (JD Candidate, 2024)

Ben Marcus (JD Candidate, 2023)

Caroline Markowitz (JD Candidate, 2023)

Hunter Mason (JD Candidate, 2023)

Zoe Masters (JD Candidate, 2022)

Jake Mazeitis (JD Candidate, 2023)

K.N. McCleary (JD Candidate, 2024)

Robert McInvale (JD Candidate, 2022)

Sara Mendez (JD Candidate, 2024)

Paul Meosky (JD Candidate, 2023)

Doménica Merino (JD Candidate, 2024)

Jeff Metzger (JD Candidate, 2022)

Joel Michaels (JD Candidates, 2023)

Marcella Michalek (JD Candidate, 2024)

Renée Mihail (JD Candidate, 2024)

Ian Miller (JD Candidate, 2024)

Evan Miller (JD Candidate, 2023)

Maggie Mills (JD Candidate, 2024)

Andrew Miner (JD Candidate, 2023)

Juan Pablo Miramontes (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alex Miskho (JD Candidate, 2022)

Gabriela Monico (JD Candidate, 2024)

Demi Moore (JD Candidate, 2024)

Daniel E. Moraff (JD Candidate, 2024)

Destiny Rose Murphy (JD Candidate, 2022)

Kelly Hernandez Naranjo (JD Candidate, 2022)

Sarah Nathan (JD Candidate, 2023)

Sarah Nealon (JD Candidate, 2023)

Mira Netsky (JD Candidate, 2023)

Zaria Noble (JD Candidate, 2022)

Alexander Nocks (JD Candidate, 2022)

Lily Novak (JD Candidate, 2023)

Andrew Ntim (JD Candidate, 2022)

Rafael Nunes (JSD Candidate)

Brandon Nye (JD Candidate, 2024)

Declan O’Briain (JD Candidate, 2024)

Dan Ocampo (JD Candidate, 2022)

Aggrey Odera (JD Candidate 2023)

Catalina Odio (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jacq Oesterblad (JD Candidate, 2022)

Isaiah W. Ogren (JD Candidate, 2024)

Nina Oishi (JD Candidate, 2023)

Kathleen Olds (JD Candidate, 2022)

Melisa Olgun (JD Candidate, 2024)

Elijah Olson (JD Candidate, 2023)

Solveig Olson-Strom (JD Candidate, 2024)

Gilbert Orbea (JD Candidate, 2023)

Grace Ordonez (JD Candidate, 2023)

Eli Pales (JD Candidate, 2022)

Kalind Parish (JD Candidate, 2023)

Caroline Parker (JD Candidate, 2023)

Valerie Silva Parra (JD Candidate, 2023)

Varshini Parthasarathy (JD Candidate, 2023)

Terin Patel-Wilson (JD Candidate, 2024)

Walter Paul (JD Candidate, 2022)

Nick Pellitta (JD Candidate, 2023)

Taís Penteado (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Julia Peoples (JD Candidate, 2024)

Emma Caridad Perez (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jonathan Perez-Reyzin (JD Candidate, 2024)

Rachel Perler (JD Candidate, 2022)

Jamie Piltch (JD Candidate, 2024)

Thomas Poston (JD Candidate, 2024)

Nia Prince (JD Candidate, 2024)

Nicholas Pugliese (JD Candidate, 2023)

Philine Qian (JD Candidate, 2024)

Sonia Qin (JD Candidate, 2022)

Jessica Quinter (JD Candidate, 2023)

Fernando Quiroz (JD Candidate, 2022)

Deborah Naomi Rabinovich (JD Candidate, 2024)

Shyamala Ramakrishna (JD Candidate, 2024)

Kriti Ramakrishnan (JD Candidate, 2024)

Milagros Mutsios Ramsay (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Mack Ramsden (JD Candidate, 2023)

Kyle Ranieri (JD Candidate, 2024)

Mila Reed-Guevara (JD Candidate, 2023)

Natasha Reifenberg (JD Candidate, 2024)

Stephanie Rice (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alexandra Ricks (JD Candidate, 2022)

Lena Riemer (LL.M. Candidate, 2022)

Ezra Ritchin (JD Candidate, 2023)

Thomas Ritz (JD Candidate, 2023)

Laura Roberts (JD Candidate, 2024)

Eleanor Roberts (JD Candidate, 2022)

Henry Robinson (JD Candidate, 2024)

Ben Rodgers (JD Candidate, 2024)

Fernando Rojas (JD Candidate, 2023)

Katie Roop (JD Candidate, 2023)

Talia K. Rothstein (JD Candidate, 2023)

Zoe Rubin (JD Candidate, 2023)

Rachel Ruderman (JD Candidate, 2024)

Manny Rutinel (JD Candidate, 2022)

Upasna Saha (JD Candidate, 2023)

Isir Said (JD Candidate 2022)

Leah Samuel (JD Candidate, 2023)

James Sanchez (JD Candidate, 2023)

Mason Sands (JD Candidate, 2024)

Ann Sarnak (JD Candidate, 2023)

Emily Sartin (JD Candidate, 2022)

Joel Collin Sati (JD Candidate, 2022)

Robert Schehr (MSL Candidate, 2022)

Alicia Schleifman (JD Candidate, 2023)

Steffen Seitz (JD Candidate, 2023)

Daniel Shackelford (JD Candidate, 2022)

Aasha Shaik (JD Candidate, 2023)

Neha Sharma (JD Candidate, 2024)

Kaveri Sharma (JD Candidate, 2022)

Partha Sharma (JD Candidate, 2023)

Dena Shata (JD Candidate, 2024)

Zach Shelley (JD Candidate, 2023)

Oskar Sherry (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Wilberto Sicard (JD Candidate, 2024)

Areeb Siddiqi (JD Candidate, 2023)

Aaron Siegel (JD Candidate, 2023)

Malina Simard-Halm (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alphonse Simon (JD Candidate, 2024)

Tanveer Singh (JD Candidate, 2024)

Natalie Smith (JD Candidate, 2023)

Lexi Smith (JD Candidate, 2022)

Casey Smith (JD Candidate, 2022)

Saylor Soinski (JD Candidate, 2023)

Isabella Soparkar (JD Candidate, 2023)

Saja Spearman-Weaver (JD Candidate, 2023)

Eric Stephen (JD Candidate, 2023)

Nicota Stevenson (JD Candidate, 2024)

Aubrey Stoddard (JD Candidate, 2023)

Rachael Stryer (JD Candidate, 2022)

Camilla Suarez (JD Candidate, 2024)

Grace Sullivan (JD Candidate, 2024)

Michael Sullivan (JD Candidate, 2024)

Karen Sung (JD Candidate, 2023)

Medha Swaminathan (JD Candidate, 2022)

Sonora Taffa (JD Candidate, 2023)

Tim Tai (JD Candidate, 2024)

Rachel Talamo (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alyssa Tamboura (JD Candidate, 2024)

Zaakir Tameez (JD Candidate, 2024)

Molly Teague (JD Candidate, 2023)

Eriele Tellis (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jordan Thomas (JD Candidate, 2024)

Chelsea Thomeer (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jandee Todd (JD Candidate, 2024)

Anthony Tohme (JD Candidate, 2022)

Aren Z. Torikian (JD Candidate, 2024)

Quynhanh Tran (JD Candidate, 2024)

Aaron Troncoso (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alejandra C. Uría (JD Candidate, 2023)

Camille Van Peteghem (LLM Candidate, 2022)

Bardia Vaseghi (JD Candidate, 2022)

Sruthi Venkatachalam (JD Candidate, 2023)

Hannah Vester (JD Candidate, 2023)

Jammie Walker (JD Candidate, 2024)

Sarah Walker (JD Candidate, 2022)

Sarah Walker (JD Candidate, 2023)

Evan Walker-Wells (JD Candidate, 2022)

Shunhe Wang (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alice Yiqian Wang (JD Candidate, 2024)

Xaviera Webb (JD Candidate, 2022)

Gabriela Guimaraes Weldon (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alisa White (JD Candidate, 2023)

Marina Wilbraham (JD Candidate, 2023)

Alexander Williams (JD Candidate, 2024)

Charlotte Witherspoon (JD Candidate, 2024)

Taylor Withrow (JD Candidate, 2022)

Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred (JD Candidate, 2022)

Katherine Xiu (JD Candidate, 2023)

Brianna Yang (JD Candidate, 2024)

Kate Yoon (JD Candidate, 2024)

Arturo Zapata (JD Candidate, 2024)

Isabelle Zaslavsky (JD Candidate, 2024)

Lulu Zhang (JD Candidate, 2023)

Saifeldeen Zihiri (JD Candidate, 2024)

Heather Zimmerman (JD Candidate, 2023)

Leah Zukerman (JD Candidate, 2022)

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