Covid fascism is still alive and well in Italy: VIDEO

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Image: Covid fascism is still alive and well in Italy: VIDEO

(Natural News) As Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions in much of the rest of the world get lifted, Italians are still being persecuted by the state for refusing to obey lockdown, mask and vaccination orders.

The following video from The Vigilant Fox on Twitter shows police officers in Draghi, Italy, beating, kicking, tackling, and blasting water cannons at Italians for participating in protests against the country’s fascism.

“After two years of attacks on our liberties, does anyone still think this is about a virus?” The Vigilant Fox asked.

Italy’s “super green pass” requires proof of injection to participate in public life

As we reported, Italy’s “green pass” requires everyone over age 50 to get injected for covid in order to participate in public life.

Around 90 percent of Italy’s 12-and-older population is already “fully vaccinated,” which should be enough for “herd immunity.” But the government of that country is still tyrannizing its citizens.

Italy also implemented a “super green pass” that actually expanded the normal green pass restrictions to cover just about everything, including banks and private businesses.


In essence, Italians are being told that they must show proof of injection in order to leave their homes. And for this reason, many of them continue to stage protests, only to be met by an aggressive police response.

Italy continues to persecute the unvaccinated, even though illnesses and deaths are soaring among the “fully vaccinated”

Strangely, the Fauci Flu appeared in Italy before it was officially unveiled as part of the plandemic.

According to reports, the World Health Organization (WHO) was on the hunt for “patient zero,” who was a woman suffering from a sore throat and skin lesions in November 2019, a full month before the Chinese Virus first appeared in Wuhan, China.

Later, after the “vaccines” were unleashed under Operation Warp Speed, an Italian microbiologist warned that most of the people getting sick with “covid” had gotten jabbed.

The unvaccinated, whom the Italian government continues to persecute, are generally healthy and strong while their fully jabbed counterparts continue to come down with serious illnesses that in many cases require hospitalization.

“Learn from Russia,” wrote someone in response to the newly released videos of Italian police abusing protesters in the streets. “When the police come at a crowd, they should retreat to draw them in and then encircle them with huge numbers and don’t let them out.”

Someone else used the following analogy to describe Italy and the other tyrannical governments that have been persecuting their citizens over covid:

“The govt: 2+2=5.
The people: No, 2+2=4.
The govt: No, 2+2=5 or you’re a domestic terrorist; see NDAA / Patriot Act.
The people: No, 2+2=4 & unconstitutional = tyrannical = null & void; see 1984 (Orwell).”

Another stated plainly that power is clearly no longer in the hands of the people, if it ever even was.

“I guess it was for maybe the first 100, 150 years of U.S. existence, but I think it’s been gone my whole lifetime,” responded someone else.

If this was all really about protecting public health as claimed, suggested another, then police officers would not be beating and hurting members of the public for trying to take back their freedom.

“People are getting tired of being mistreated by the governments that they are paying for,” said someone else.

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