CDC pushed fraudulent information about COVID treatments and vaccines to scare the public

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Image: CDC pushed fraudulent information about COVID treatments and vaccines to scare the public

(Natural News) Dr. Naomi Wolf and her team of lawyers have uncovered the fraud committed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as they combed through available data. Ben Armstrong talked about it during the March 21 episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show.”

While makers of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines have been protected from any sort of liability by the government, Armstrong said that committing fraud will take away their liability protection.

“And Wolf is going to show that the CDC and Pfizer are both providing fraudulent information about COVID-19 and vaccines, such as changing statistical data and even using scaremongering tactics,” Armstrong said.

At first, the CDC is saying that kids weren’t affected by the pandemic. The agency later backtracked and suddenly provided numbers of kids dying. Now, it has changed its tune again, saying those figures are not actually true and only a few kids died from the pandemic.

“The pandemic was hyped up. While there had been hospitalizations, people admitted to the hospitals were only given remdesivir to shut down their organs. This is why there are a lot of older individuals dying in hospitals. If they weren’t given remdesivir, they could have just quietly recovered at home,” said Armstrong.

“I’m so sorry to have to say that, but it’s the truth. But they wanted the numbers. They wanted them to drive them up. That’s why Anthony Fauci approved remdesivir as the only way to treat COVID-19 in hospitals. And that’s why America had the highest numbers of deaths in their hospitalizations.” (Related: Hospitals intentionally inflating COVID cases to collect financial incentives, whistleblower says.)


He went on that despite America having the best hospital care available, it is the only country that mandated remdesivir without offering alternatives. Remdesivir is extremely dangerous, especially in treating an unknown disease. It can cause kidney failure, pneumonia, among others.

Recorded COVID-19 deaths not actually due to COVID-19

The CDC also went ahead to manipulate the media by labeling most hospital deaths as COVID-19 deaths, even though a report showed that early in the so-called pandemic, as much as 94 percent of the deaths are not actually from COVID-19. (Related: Newspapers being paid by UK govt to publish ‘news’ on their positive COVID response.)

Hospitals also tested individuals for COVID-19 despite checking in for different reasons. For instance, a person who died of a heart attack could be marked as a COVID-19 death if the questionable PCR test turned up a positive result.

And hospitals were doing this because they’re being paid extra to do so.

Tennessee resident and whistleblower AJ DePriest said that some hospitals get paid almost as much as half a million dollars for every patient diagnosed with COVID-19. DePriest also said that some hospitals in her home state get around $166,000 for every hospitalized COVID-19 patient.

The trend is not limited to Tennessee hospitals, either. Nebraska hospitals get around $379,000 for every hospitalized COVID-19 patient; West Virginia hospitals, $471,000; and North Dakota hospitals, $339,000.

DePriest also said that hospitals are paid for COVID-related procedures that they do on patients. “They get $39,000 for every COVID-19 patient on a ventilator. Plus, there’s a 20 percent bonus add-on – which is a weird thing to call something when you’re murdering people using the remdesivir and the ventilator,” she said.

Hospitals are also getting paid for administering PCR tests. DePriest explained that hospitals are paid for every positive test and for everyone that requires hospitalization. “So hospitals make a fortune just off the faulty test alone,” DePriest said.

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Watch this episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show” to know more about the fraud committed by government agencies and Big Pharma during the pandemic.

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