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Image: Ex-intel agent David Lester Straight tells Ann Vandersteel: Americans have allowed corporations to rule America – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Former intelligence agent and County Sherriff Deputy David Lester Straight lamented the fact that the American people have allowed corporations to rule America.

“We just allowed this subgovernment, this false fake government to stand up, side by side, with the real government. We allowed it to expand and control because we were busy. We were busy with life, our fathers, our grandfathers, from approximately 1861 on. They were busy and they didn’t do their job,” the former Presidential Task Force agent told host Ann Vandersteel during the March 18 episode of the “Steel Truth” show on Brighteon.TV.

“And we allowed that. We the People allowed these corporations to rule. And we were told that it would happen [by] the Bible. It’s Babylon; Babylon is the corporate construct and we are commanded to come out of her … come out of the corporate construct.” (Related: Corporations have seized every branch of government.)

Straight noted that corporations have been using the “divide and conquer” method to try and separate the people into different races, factions and parties.

“[Divide] and conquer, that’s what they’ve always tried to do because they know if the American people stand as one, there is nothing they could do and we would get rid of them,” Straight explained.

Straight also made mention of government-issued documents, such as the Labor Code and other acts of Congress, which he said were literally a declaration of war upon the American people. The government would then form corporations that were foreign to the people and then divided the entire nation into federal districts.


He said the creation of the federal district zones paved the way for expanding the corporate government’s authority all over the United States of America.

No mention of corporate constitution in Founding Documents

Straight noted that the four Founding Documents, namely the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and the first Constitution, don’t say anything about the new corporate constitution. He also mentioned that the laws of the American nation under the United States Code are based upon those four Founding documents only.

The former Presidential Task Force agent added that the Supreme Court’s job is to see if the statutes, ordinances, rules, codes, executive orders and mandates comply with the four Founding documents and the Bible.

According to Straight, the government-funded school systems don’t teach people anything about the law to keep them ignorant on purpose.

Americans need to stand up against corporations

Straight said what the American people need to do right now is to stand up in every city, county, state and federal government and demand that the corporations be dissolved and that the American Republic be reestablished in every state.

“We’ve got to go to our city council meetings, our county commissioners meetings and demand they dissolve the corporations. Let them know that we know that,” he said.

These corporations, Straight said, are acting and pretending to be the government under the cover of law.

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Watch the full March 18 episode of “Steel Truth” below. You can catch “Steel Truth” with Ann Vandersteel every weekday at 9:30-10:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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