Sign this petition to stop the WHO from destroying U.S. sovereignty in times of health “emergencies”

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Image: Sign this petition to stop the WHO from destroying U.S. sovereignty in times of health “emergencies”

(Natural News) Stand for Health Freedom has put together a petition calling on the people of the world to speak out against the World Health Organization’s (WHO) proposed “Pandemic Treaty” and the “one world government” that will birth out of it.

Though the United States has its own constitution and set of rules for national sovereignty, the WHO wants to override that in the name of “public health.” It is proposing a “Good Health Pass” system, for instance, which Tony Blair has described as an “internationally-recognized system of health passes” for world travelers.

“If you believe in bodily sovereignty, parental rights, and informed consent, you must stand up now and let your voice be heard,” says Stand for Health Freedom. “Our membership in the WHO doesn’t give this globalist organization the right to violate our civil liberties, human rights, and medical freedom.”

The petition is aimed at fake “president” Joe Biden and various high-ranking members of Congress. It also names Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, as well as the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Member states of the WHO have already begun negotiations for crafting the global Pandemic Treaty, which is on track to be legally binding after its adoption at the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024.

In November 2021, the Assembly convened for a special session – this is only the second time this has ever happened since the WHO was formed in 1948 – and voted to create an Intergovernmental Negotiating Body to give even more power to the WHO in times of global health emergencies.


If you thought the WHO’s power was egregious during the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic, it will be so much worse during the next one soon to come if the Pandemic Treaty gets passed as planned. (Related: The WHO is also changing the definitions of things like “herd immunity” to exclude natural immunity.)

“The undersigned citizens of the U.S. strongly oppose any involvement in a treaty, agreement, or other legally binding global document that would hinder US sovereignty in any area, but especially public health,” the petition reads.

“We oppose policies that require U.S. citizens to take actions directed by a global body in the context of health that also impacts the freedom of travel and trade. We also oppose the inevitable sharing of private health data that underlies the functionality of increased global responses.”

It’s time to decide, America: freedom or tyranny?

What the United States needs is to move away from tyranny, not more towards it. If ratified, the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty would wipe away all remaining traces of freedom and sovereignty from American life and plunge the country into abject tyranny in the event that another bioweapon gets released.

“It’s dangerous to allow a global agreement to rule the American people in a time of crisis,” the petition further reads.

“Additionally, it’s imperative that each nation and territory retain their individual sovereignty especially during times of emergency so that the entire global community can be protected.”

If there are still Americans out there who value the right to choose when it comes to medicines and drugs, or the right to freely move about regardless of what scary new boogeyman disease might be circulating at any given time, then take the time to sign this petition.

Congress and other elected leaders need to know that Americans are still paying attention to their machinations and are not going to sit idly by and watch as the final remnants of liberty get sacrificed on the altar of “saving lives.”

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