Hungry Iraqis protest food inflation as officials blame Russia

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Image: Hungry Iraqis protest food inflation as officials blame Russia

(Natural News) The Middle East is in an uproar over inflation and food shortages, which are being blamed on Russia.

Al Jazeera reported that impoverished Iraqis have erupted in protests in recent days over unaffordable food amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

For the past week, the price of cooking oils and flour have skyrocketed in local markets. The Iraqi people are angrier than ever about it, and the Iraqi government is deflecting every which way it can to try to quell it.

More than 500 protesters reportedly gathered in a central square in the southern city of Nasiriya, “a flashpoint of anti-corruption protests that gripped the country in 2019,” according to reports.

“The rise in prices is strangling us, whether it is bread or other food products,” said retired teacher Hassan Kazem to the AFP news agency. “We can barely make ends meet.”

In response, the Iraqi government announced new measures including a monthly allowance of about $70 for pensioners whose incomes do not exceed one million dinars (around $700), as well as for civil servants earning less than 500,000 dinars (about $343).

Iraqi authorities also announced the suspension of customs duties on food products, basic consumer goods and construction materials for the next two months.

Trade ministry spokesman Mohamed Hanoun publicly announced that none of these problems are the cause of engineered central banking criminality, but are rather Vladimir Putin’s fault for invading Ukraine.

“There’s a major global crisis because Ukraine has a large share of [the world market in cooking] oils,” Hanoun stated.


Will this engineered world war bring about the Great Reset?

At least one of the protests saw violence. A protester was reportedly seriously injured during a demonstration in the central province of Babil.

The Iraqi government also arrested 31 people accused of “raising the prices of food commodities and abusing citizens.” One protester in Nasiriya denounced the “greed of traders who manipulate prices.”

The Middle East is particularly dependent upon food and commodity imports from Ukraine and Russia. The conflict is exacerbating problems with the supply chain and corrupt monetary policy that were already driving up prices and causing shortages before the Russian invasion.

In 2019, Iraq was rocked by nationwide protests against rampant corruption in the nation’s government, which was installed by the United States following George W. Bush’s war.

Lack of job opportunities and poor living conditions have plagued Iraq ever since, sparking protests again and again. In 2019, some 600 people ended up dying and thousands were injured during the demonstrations.

“It’s all here and it’s all happening,” wrote someone at Natural News about how world war, and arguably the final war that will end all wars, is now at the doorstep.

“I empathize with those of you with small children.”

Another questioned whether there are even two sides to this war, or if it was engineered long ago to ignite the “Great Reset” and subsequent New World Order.

“Putin did bow before the throne of the borg also known as Klaus Schwab,” this person wrote.

“Who’s to say, Putin may be working hand in hand with the globalists to collapse the world markets under the banner of threat of world war, seeing as how the covid psyop was wanted. I’m reading that the nuke threat is just part of the show, a ‘look over there!’ moment.”

Speaking of bowing before the throne of the borg known as Klaus Schwab, Ivanka Trump was honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2015.

“For those unfamiliar with what the ‘Young Global Leaders’ are, it is an organization founded and supported by Klaus Schawab and the WEF in 2004, that recognizes political figures, activists, media moguls, and more, for what they view as exemplary work and achievement in their field,” reported Wine Press News.

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