Biden closes U.S. airspace to Russia as Boeing cuts off parts, maintenance to Russian airlines

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Image: Biden closes U.S. airspace to Russia as Boeing cuts off parts, maintenance to Russian airlines

(Natural News) Joe Biden, who was literally installed as president by the deep state, continues to play his role in helping the globalists shift reliance and influence away from the United States and towards other great powers including China and Russia.

On Tuesday, during his lie-filled State of the Union Address, Biden was told to announce he is closing all U.S. airspace to Russian commercial and government jets following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

“Tonight I say to the Russian oligarchs and the corrupt leaders who built billions of dollars off this violent regime, no more,” Biden the Weak announced.

“Tonight I’m announcing that we will join our allies in closing off American air space to all Russian flights,” he added.

Making good on another pledge to go after the assets of Russian oligarchs, Fox Business reported this week that Alisher Usmanov’s $600M yacht was seized in Germany:

The Dilbar, a 512-foot vessel belonging to billionaire Alisher Usmanov, was taken over by authorities while it was being refitted in a German shipyard, Forbes reported.

The business magazine learned about the move Wednesday, just two days after Usmanov was sanctioned by the European Union as part of its response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the report said.


In a statement, Usmanov responded by confirming the seizure.

“On 28 February 2022 I became the target of restrictive measures imposed by the European Union I believe that such decision is unfair, and the reasons employed to justify the sanctions are a set of false and defamatory allegations damaging my honor, dignity, and business reputation,” he noted on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in another move to push the world away from America and towards other centers of finance and power, aircraft maker Boeing said it will no longer be providing parts and maintenance to Russian airlines who bought or leased its aircraft.

“BREAKING: Boeing is ‘suspending parts, maintenance and technical support services for Russian airlines,'” Air Current magazine editor Jon Ostrower tweeted.

“The company will be suspending ‘major operations’ at its Moscow offices, which do a significant amount of fleet support and design work,” he added.

Meanwhile, as Biden plays his role in helping the globalists destroy America, China and Russia continue to consolidate their considerable power and resources in a bid to shift the world more towards their sphere of influence.

In January, for instance, before Putin ordered his army into Ukraine, the Financial Times reported that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping were anticipating just the sort of sanctions regime that our puppet president laid out:

A decade ago, such a relationship seemed unlikely: China and Russia were as much rivals as partners. But after a period when both countries have sparred persistently with the US, Xi’s support for Putin reflects a growing identity between the interests and world views of Moscow and Beijing. According to the Chinese media, Xi told Putin that “certain international forces are arbitrarily interfering in the internal affairs of China and Russia, under the guise of democracy and human rights.”

“In 1917, President Woodrow Wilson of the US talked of ‘making the world safe for democracy.’ In 2022, Putin and Xi are determined to make the world safe for autocracy,” the FT report continued.

Of course, they are getting loads of help from German economist Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum.

And now, Joe Biden.

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