Globalists using Russia as excuse to try to crush decentralized cryptocurrency so Putin “doesn’t evade” banking sanctions

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Image: Globalists using Russia as excuse to try to crush decentralized cryptocurrency so Putin “doesn’t evade” banking sanctions

(Natural News) The push is on to “regulate,” i.e., control, all cryptocurrencies at the central government level.

The cover story for this latest step towards ushering in a new world order is that leaving cryptos decentralized will allow Vladimir Putin to sidestep the economic sanctions that have been placed on him for invading Ukraine.

Central banks like the European Central Bank (ECB) will control all crypto from the top down, ensuring that those who actually survive the transition into the new age will have no option other than to obey their globalist overlords – otherwise they will not be allowed to buy or sell.

Putin’s invasion, in other words, appears to be a catalyst in forcing the entire world into a centralized cryptocurrency-based financial paradigm.

ECB President Christine Lagarde is now calling on lawmakers to approve a new regulatory framework for crypto – at warp speed – that will give the banksters full control over people’s digital assets.

“Whenever there is a ban or prohibition or a mechanism in place to boycott or prohibit, there are always criminal ways that will try to circumvent the prohibition or the ban,” Lagarde read from her script.

“It’s so critically important that MiCA is pushed through as quickly as possible so we have a regulatory framework within which crypto assets can actually be caught.”

Ukraine invasion is another problem-reaction-solution situation

We saw a trial run of this recently when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to interfere with crypto payments being sent to the truckers participating in the Freedom Convoy protests.


Trudeau attempted to halt those payments by having his government identify the associated wallets and blacklist them. Then the whole thing was suddenly called off when Trudeau rescinded his Emergencies Act declaration.

Not long after that, Putin invaded Ukraine and suddenly there is a mad rush to have governments all around the world set up new restrictions for crypto that will put the globalists in the driver’s seat. Coincidence? Hardly.

Incidentally, they are using the same excuses now with the Russia situation as were used in Canada – basically that people are donating crypto to the “wrong” side of the fight, and thus must be stopped by the government overlords.

In this case, the world is being told that Ukraine is the “good” guy, and anyone supporting the “bad” guy, Putin, has to be stopped from using crypto. Crypto must also be captured and controlled because Russia itself will try to use it to circumvent economic sanctions, we are also told.

If you really focus hard, you will see through the fog of all the media ballyhoo that governments are now racing to impose these types of restrictions while everyone is distracted and confused about the war.

In many ways, the Ukraine invasion is actually the next phase of the plandemic, as it seeks the very same end: more government control and less individual freedom.

The invasion is also likely a cover for an engineered global economic collapse, which will be used as a catalyst to shift everyone into a new government-controlled crypto paradigm.

“The banksters are evil parasites,” wrote someone in response to this news. “Anything less than complete submission, surveillance and control of the host is unacceptable to these creatures.”

“Crypto has been recognized as a threat to the existing banking cartel,” wrote someone else. “Now the cartel gets to hand Vlad the Ukraine and put in place the tools to criminalize crypto.”

“Actually, they only like the cryptos that they can control,” noted someone else, sharing the same perspective as this writer that the goal is not to eliminate all crypto, but just the ones that are not centralized and fully controlled by the banking cartel.

“And now we’ll see that they can control all of them.”

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