URGENT Health Ranger mega thread on Russia, nuclear war, cyber attacks and impending financial collapse

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Image: URGENT Health Ranger mega thread on Russia, nuclear war, cyber attacks and impending financial collapse

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Original thread from the Health Ranger:

1/23 We are all in urgent danger due to the planned escalation of the conflict involving Russia. As I’ve warned dozens of times in my Situation Update podcasts on Brighteon.com, the persistent plan from Biden / Obama has been to maneuver Russia into a position where Putin would decide to nuke the United States, or where a false flag nuke could be blamed on Russia. This would bring about Obama’s long-desired destruction of America, and any survivors would be subjected to a dictatorial war-time authoritarian regime which would nullify the Bill of Rights (and 2A) under “emergency” powers.

2/23 Covered in this mega-thread: 1) Rapid escalation pathway from financial war to cyber war to NUCLEAR war. 2) Possibility of Obama / Biden running FALSE FLAGS against USA to blame Russia while achieving decimation of America. 3) Financial implications, bank runs and financial collapse. 4) Global food supply implications getting serious, with expected starvation, famine, FOOD RIOTS on a global scale as scarcity worsens.

3/23 The financial punishment of Russia (see below) is ESCALATING the entire conflict to a point where Russia has now reportedly put its nuclear deterrence forces on alert. This is understood to be a kind of “DEFCON” readiness designation, similar to what the USA might do in preparation for actual nuclear war. In addition, Russia is actively engaged in cyber warfare attacks against Ukraine’s government and financial institutions. Russia’s mobile nuclear weapons (Topol-M ICBMs) have been seen mobilizing in western Russia.


4/23 America’s financial infrastructure is extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. The power grid is even more vulnerable. It now seems obvious that one or both of these scenarios will occur: 1) Putin retaliates against America’s power grid and financial institutions with cyber attacks, or 2) Joe Biden’s deep state operatives attack America’s infrastructure and BLAME Putin while America is plunged into darkness. This has long been the goal of the Obama admin, to bring America to its knees and to engage Russia in global conflict.

5/23 It is crucial to note that the USA has long adopted a posture of saying that under a cyber attack, the USA reserves the right to respond with KINETIC retaliation such as missiles, bombs, etc. The WashPost (CIA mouthpiece) also reported on July 9th 2021 that the US has now adopted a posture of saying it will respond to CYBER attacks with NUCLEAR weapons. What that describes is a path of extreme escalation to global nuclear war: Russia attacks Ukraine -> America hits Russia with banking sanctions -> Russia unleashes cyber attacks in retaliation -> America launches nuclear weapons -> Russia responds by nuking American cities.

6/23 Thus, WE MAY BE ON THE VERGE OF GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR RIGHT NOW. Making matters worse, Putin has been backed into a corner by NATO expansionism via Ukraine, and now the SWIFT cutoff sanctions against Russian banks which is strongly affecting Russia’s currency stability and export capabilities. Russia is already posturing for a “total war” scenario against western forces, including the USA. Russia’s nuclear weapons, nuclear submarines and hypersonic missiles carry devastating nuclear payloads, some as large as 200 megatons, which is many THOUSANDS of times larger that Hiroshima (just 15 kilotons).

7/23 We have also known for years that the Clinton regime had planned to nuke a US city and blame Russia, carrying out a false flag to thrust America into a war with Russia once Hillary stole the White House in the planned 2016 election theft. That theft was thwarted and Trump took office, delaying the globalist war on Russia for four years (notice Putin didn’t move on Ukraine when Trump was in the Oval Office?). Now, we are in a situation where our own corrupt, criminal government may be just as dangerous as Putin, since EITHER PARTY could nuke a city in the US for different reasons.

8/23 What the COVID plandemic and the trucker convoy proved to the entire world is that the single most dangerous entity in the world is YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT, as it is governments which carried out global depopulation agendas to exterminate humanity via biological weapons falsely labeled “vaccines.” Putin’s attacks against Ukraine are dwarfed by the globalist Vaccine Holocaust attacks on humanity.

9/23 I am now issuing an urgent red alert to everyone to prepare for the very real possibility of a nuclear detonation in the United States, followed by a cyber warfare assault on banks, the power grid and the telecom infrastructure. Plan for and expect a takedown of the entire power grid, most financial institutions and communications. Plan for crypto not functioning and for all commercial transactions to be halted. This means NO FOOD, no fuel, no paychecks, no ATMs working, nothing. A total collapse scenario, possibly including a currency collapse.

10/23 BANKERS’ WARS: The cutting off of Russia from the SWIFT financial system — announced yesterday by western nations — is the economic equivalent of the WWII oil embargo against Japan. That forced Japan to strike out as a last-ditch survival mechanism, leading to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which was ALLOWED by US leadership in order to whip up public support for America’s war in the Pacific. 9/11 was also allowed to take place in order to launch the surveillance state and expand Patriot Act powers to spy on the American people (and Trump, later on).

11/23 Also understand that Biden has NOT placed any sanctions on Russia’s energy sector, but Biden has halted US pipelines and effectively placed all sorts of sanctions against the US energy sector. In other words, Biden has unleashed economic sanctions against America, but not against Russia’s energy sector. This tells you the truth about who Biden (Obama) is actually targeting: It’s America, not Russia. And as oil prices climb globally, RUSSIA BENEFITS from all the extra revenue. Biden’s policies are actually FINANCING Russia’s war!

12/23 Remember that whatever the SWIFT bankers do to Russia and Putin, they can also do to YOU! The SWIFT cutting off of Russian banks is the same kind of de-banking or de-platforming that globalist-run corporations like PayPal, YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc., have been carrying out against truth tellers around the world. Now, globalists have weaponized the SWIFT system, meaning all nations watching this are suddenly figuring out that if they don’t bow down to the globalists, they might be cut off, too.

13/23 Through the banker actions in Canada and now the SWIFT sanctions against Russia, the globalists have SHREDDED public faith in traditional banking institutions. Not just Russia’s banks, but banking everywhere. We expect aggressive bank run activity in Russia beginning tomorrow, and expect it to ripple out to other nations and banking institutions around the world over time. What’s clear to everyone paying attention is that if you use banks or currencies run by governments that don’t like you, they will STEAL all your assets and BAN you from using their systems.

14/23 This is the “perfect storm” case for widespread crypto use. It means that nations, banks and corporations around the world, after observing the SWIFT de-banking of Russia as well as the Canadian government’s total looting of the bank accounts of freedom convoy protesters, are going to be rapidly looking for ALTERNATIVE financial transaction systems that avoid the centralized, weaponized SWIFT systems run by globalists. Ripple / XRP is already a strong candidate for rapid bank transfers, and the China-run CIPS system is going to attract a lot of nations who will abandon western-run SWIFT. This will shift power to China and away from America.

15/ 23 We anticipate sharp increases in gold, silver, oil and certain mineral commodities tied to Ukraine: Copper, aluminum, cobalt, manganese and even lithium. Copper and aluminum are used to make electrical wiring, which of course is used in homes, buildings, vehicles, computers, etc. Expect insane price increases in all goods made from these elements, probably dwarfing the price spikes witnessed during covid. The supply chain shortages will get WORSE and will persist for YEARS.

16/ 23 On the agricultural side, it looks like Ukraine’s traditional spring planting of crops is a bust. And Russia’s crops will face export restrictions. Odessa and the other ports along Ukraine’s southern border are non-functional for commercial activity. This means a HUGE lack of wheat, corn and soy for Middle Eastern countries as well as Southeast Asian nations that traditional purchase from Ukraine. Effectively, this will put massive pressure on food prices across the globe, contributing heavily to rising food inflation in 2022 – 2023.

17/23 Economically, this all means we can expect HUGE price increases in food, materials and energy (we must consider the Nordstream 2 pipeline being shuttered by Germany) with expected spikes in gold and silver that will likely be targeted by paper contract selling by the corrupt banks in order to artificially suppress “spot” gold and silver. But the organic, natural upward pressure of prices on both metals will be intense. Effectively, globalists have set off a global war against not just Russia, but against HUMANITY, and billions of innocent people will suffer the consequences.

18/23 Hydrocarbons are used to create fertilizers via the Haber chemical process which converts hydrocarbons into ammonia (NH3) by grabbing nitrogen from the air (atmosphere is about 79% nitrogen). This puts nitrogen into a form that plants can use as food. Right now, about 5 billion people around the globe depend on this Haber equation to feed themselves. With Russia’s pipelines shut down, and Biden attacking America’s energy sector, and bans on fertilizer exports, we can expect a GLOBAL FERTILIZER SHORTAGE that will lead to widespread food inflation and famine.

19/23 FARMING is about to get extremely difficult (supply chain disruptions for spare parts) and expensive (fuel prices), with vastly increased global demand on prices for crops. Fertilizer production will remain alarmingly low in Europe and North America. The only policy that would reverse this and lower food prices would be for Biden to open up oil drilling, pipelines and energy exploration. This would also hurt Russia due to falling energy prices, but Biden would rather PUNISH America than punish Biden, so the restrictions will stay in place.

20/23 Remember, HIGH energy prices hurt the American people but help Putin. LOW energy prices help the American people (and result in affordable food) but hurt Putin due to Russia’s reliance on energy exports. Thus, Biden’s anti-energy policies are specifically targeting the American people with what are essentially energy sanctions, while there are NO sanctions placed in Russia’s energy exports as they head for record prices. Stated again, Biden is clobbering America and aiding Russia. Americans will starve while Putin rakes in the energy cash. (All by design.)

21/23 We predict food riots in US cities at some point as food inflation makes even basic sustenance unaffordable to low-wage workers. The working poor are headed toward a massive uprising as both fuel and food become nearly impossible to afford, even at $12 – $15 hourly wages. At some point soon, just driving to work makes no economic sense because the gas is nearly as expensive as what people earn at work. For many, it will make more sense to stay home, collect unemployment money and live on cheap beans and rice. The incentive to work is being decimated.

22/23 In all, these factors combine (food, war, fuel, inflation, currency, etc.) to create a total collapse of the world we once knew. Forget about affordable food or just-in-time delivery of anything. The world is about to become extremely inconvenient, expensive and broken. The supply chain disruptions will get FAR worse from here forward, and crime is going to absolutely skyrocket out of sheer desperation. Expect to see flash mobs looting grocery stores in broad daylight. Carjackings will skyrocket. Home invasions will become commonplace, even outside the cities as looting gangs hit suburbs.

23/23 Whatever preparedness actions you have taken so far, DOUBLE THEM. Get ready for the possibility of needing to survive many months without food, electricity, banking, fuel, emergency medicine or the rule of law. What we all experienced in 2020 – 2021 was just the warm-up round compared to what’s coming, thanks to Biden’s declaration of war against the American people. Trump’s leadership sure is looking good right about now, as everybody is realizing. God help us all.

#end thread

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