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Image: Matthew Bracken tells Dr. Lee Merritt: Fight of Canadian truckers is a fight to the finish against globalists – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Former naval officer and author Matthew Bracken said that the fight of Canadian truckers is a fight to the finish against the globalists.

“This is a fight to the finish right now. These truckers, they can’t leave their families without a breadwinner because they knuckled under and took this thing. So this is now a fight to the finish,” Bracken told host Dr. Lee Merritt during the February 16 episode of the “Merritt Medical Hour” show on Brighteon.TV.

Bracken pointed out that the Canadian truckers started their Freedom Convoy protest because they were not going to allow the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandate of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to put them out of work. (Related: Free speech becomes roadkill in the crackdown on Canadian truckers.)

“So it’s the reason it happened in Canada. It’s not that the Canadians are braver than American truckers, it just wasn’t happening to American truckers in the same way. And for Canadian truckers, this was the end. And being you know, from the north, these trucks all are like campers, I mean, they have got huge fuel tanks. And you have a sleeper behind you, microwave, bathroom. You can live in there for a long time,” said Bracken.

“These guys are used to being in a blizzard situation 500 miles from anywhere. So it’s nothing for them to say, ‘You’re just going to be parked for a week, deal with it,’ they can do that. For every Canadian trucker, that’s like a piece of cake. So going to Ottawa where people are going to be bringing you fuel and bringing you food and treating you like a hero, that’s easy compared to being stuck in a snowdrift in the middle of Saskatchewan, which is what they’re used to. You know it wasn’t a surprise to me that it was Canadian truckers.”


The ex-naval official added that the Canadian truckers were not willing to take a COVID jab that could kill them and leave their family without a breadwinner.

Bracken also called Trudeau a World Economic Forum lackey and a product of Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. He said that the Canadian Prime Minister can’t negotiate because he is not the “actual leader” and he is just taking a line from Schwab.

Canada’s Freedom Convoy movement needs a leader

The novelist and essayist said a non-violent ethos like what civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi did might be more suitable for Canada. He also took note that Canada needs a leader for the Freedom Convoy movement right now.

“It’s hard to do a movement without any leaders. So [among] the leaders that are there… there’s no Lech Walesa of Solidarity [like] in Poland. There is no one like a Lech Walesa figure that they wouldn’t dare take out. So it’s hard to see how it goes,” Bracken said.

Bracken said globalist leaders like Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron and Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg have placed their loyalty to the globalist mission.

“This is absolutely a planned event. I mean, they practice it, they wargame it, then they do it. I think they were disappointed that the that the COVID wasn’t more deadly because they had to like use more nudge units and hype and psy-ops to convince people how dangerous it was. They would have been happier if it had been like a 10 percent mortality rate. They would already be like just skating into full dictatorship,” Bracken said.

He also noted that there is a possibility of a Nuremberg 2.

“There’s going to be Nuremberg 2. Or if they don’t win, there’s going to be Nuremberg and they’re going to be held to account for all these deaths or most of these deaths.”

Bracken also denounced the Food and Drug Administration for being completely corrupt, noting that there are people in the agency who are getting royalties or research grant fees from Big Pharma. He added that the biggest advertisers on news programs today are pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer.

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