Canadian police threatened to arrest journalists covering Trudeau’s “Freedom Convoy” crackdown

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Image: Canadian police threatened to arrest journalists covering Trudeau’s “Freedom Convoy” crackdown

(Natural News) Whatever you may have thought of Canada before last week, you probably would have agreed with the assertion that it was a free country.

But now that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invoked a rarely-used law to crack down on a peaceful protest he simply disagrees with, you likely have a different impression of America’s northern neighbor: Maybe Canada isn’t so free, after all.

And you’d be right.

Under Trudeau’s evoking of the Emergencies Act, state and federal police agencies from around the country have descended on the capital of Ottawa to violently put down the imminently peaceful “Freedom Convoy” protest against his inane, pointless COVID vaccine mandate for truckers. And in addition to destroying the fundamental right of citizens to redress their grievances to government, a right first recognized by America’s founding fathers, police are also targeting another fundamental liberty: The free press.

According to Canada-based Rebel News, one of the outlet’s reporters on the ground was threatened with arrest for the ‘crime’ of covering the demonstration and the resulting police crackdown:

The newly-invoked Emergencies Act gives authorities extraordinary powers to seize the assets and bank accounts of protesters, as well as new powers of arrest and detention to deal with those participating in now ‘unlawful’ protests.

Instead of allowing media to capture the detentions of the Convoy for Freedom to Ottawa demonstrators and the seizure of their properties, the Ottawa Police service has offered to also detain members of the media for doing their jobs.


A tweet from Ottawa Police said: “All media who are attending the area, please keep a distance and stay out of police operations for your safety. Anyone found within areas undergoing enforcement may be subject to arrest. There will be a media availability later…”

Needless to say, the Ottawa Police announcement was met with anger and derision online.

In recent days, Trudeau has literally said he did not agree with the Freedom Convoy protest but he had no problem with Black Lives Matter demonstrations that turned violent and caused property damage in 2020. That should tell you all you need to know about this China-loving tyrant.

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