The Associated Press announces it is nothing more than a paid prostitute for the climate alarmism industry that uses disinformation to psychologically terrorize the world

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Image: The Associated Press announces it is nothing more than a paid prostitute for the climate alarmism industry that uses disinformation to psychologically terrorize the world

(Natural News) Climate reporting at the Associated Press (AP) is about to see its “largest single expansion” thanks to a huge influx of “philanthropic grants” totaling $8 million.

In a move that Climate Depot describes as “checkbook journalism,” the climate lobby has pretty much purchased the AP to use as a propaganda mouthpiece for global warming politics.

“The AP will now have zero ‘obligation to serve as watchdogs over public affairs and government’ and instead be approved messaging lapdogs to their paymasters,” says Marc Morano, quoting the AP’s stated mission and objective, which is pretty much null and void at this point.

“Will the AP ever offend [its] donors and look critically at the UN IPCC climate panel? Or NASA? It’s a laughable thought.”

The AP actually announced on February 15 that it is no longer “wary,” as it once was, of accepting millions of dollars from outside special interest groups pushing a climate agenda.

Led by the Rockefeller Foundation and various other globalist groups, the new climate-funded AP will simply parrot whatever climate agenda is being pushed at any given time, passing it off as “journalism.”

“This initiative, with the help of the Rockefeller Foundation and others, will enable us to closely examine efforts to cope with climate change, both the problems it poses and its potential solutions,” said AP Deputy Managing Editor Sarah Nordgren.

The AP is bleeding cash so it was ripe for the picking

Keeping the climate hysteria going is an important part of the agenda because that is what drives the policy changes desired by the globalists, including the elimination of fossil fuels, meat, and other “pollution.”


Some doctors are even now diagnosing their patients with climate change – that is how far gone the world has gotten due to climate propaganda.

Now, the AP will be leading the way in advancing the next phase of the plan, which involves assigning more than two dozen “journalists” across the world to cover climate issues.

“The announcement illustrates how philanthropy has swiftly become an important new funding source for journalism – at the AP and elsewhere – at a time when the industry’s financial outlook has been otherwise bleak,” the AP admitted.

From here on out, the AP will have its new climate team, which spans across not just the United States but also Africa, Brazil and India, push out climate story after climate story, all from the perspective that cow flatulence and gas-powered vehicles are killing the planet.

“This far-reaching initiative will transform how we cover the climate story,” says Julie Pace, the AP’s senior vice president and executive director.

Over three years, the AP will actually rake in far more than just $8 million, and about 20 of its climate “journalists” will be new hires. The following five organizations are contributors to the effort:

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Rockefeller Foundation
The Walton Family Foundation

Brian Carovillano, an AP new vice president who supervises partnerships and grants, says he is already noticing a difference in the “morale” of his organization because of the grant money that has already been received.

“I think it has changed the mindset of the newsroom a little bit,” the 2019 Pulitzer Prize winner is quoted as saying.

“After years of basically feeling a little beleaguered, people are proud that they’re part of an organization that is dreaming really big and actually has the ability to do it.”

What Carovillano did not say, however, is that these changes violate the Society of Professional Journalists’ (SPJ) “Code of Ethics” for journalists.

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