White students at Pennsylvania public school throw hundreds of books into dumpsters to “decolonize” their school library — latest insane “book burning” by delusional Leftists

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Image: White students at Pennsylvania public school throw hundreds of books into dumpsters to “decolonize” their school library — latest insane “book burning” by delusional Leftists

(Natural News) Several light-skin students who attend North Allegheny Senior High School in Wexford, Penn., recently scoured their school library to toss all books that they deemed as “colonizing” off the premises.

Some of the first to go were youth Bibles, which a young guy and girl are seen tossing into a trash bin – watch below:

“Taking this school’s curriculum into our own hands,” the students put up on the screen as they hatefully threw a “Coach’s Bible” into the trash, followed by the following “offensive” titles that apparently trigger Leftists:

The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism is Harming Our Young Men by Christina Hoff Sommers

Stock Market Logic: A Sophisticated Approach to Profits on Wall Street by Norman G. Fosback

Making Democracy a Reality by Claude G. Bowers

These and many other titles were seen in the trash bin along with a proud display that the students put up on the screen of the recording exclaiming: “We found so many!”

Student confronted about book burning says it was just “satire”

Another one of the books tossed by the students was called Africa: Adventures in Eyewitness History by Rhoda Hoff, which is basically a book of travel diary entries.


Because the entries were written by white people, the two students, who also appear white, decided that the book in its entirety needed to get tossed in the trash. (Related: Elizabeth Warren also loves burning books.)

Other hateful comments were included in the clip as more books were being thrown into the dumpster, followed by a declaration by the students that they were just doing the “Lord’s work.”

Apparently the Lord hates white people and wants all literature about them to be trashed. This is what American public school students are learning these days: to hate white people.

When pressed about what he did, the male student reportedly told someone named Trevor Sutcliffe, who tweeted about the exchange, that it was all just “satire.”

“The student that made this contacted me and says it’s satire,” Sutcliffe wrote in his tweet. “He was serving as summer custodian & was asked to throw away several ‘outdated’ books, and he decided to make a joke of it.”

“I believe him, but it raises a question as to why the librarian wanted those books discarded.”

The male student actually contacted Sutcliffe to ask that he remove his tweet containing the video, which was originally posted to Tik Tok on a public account viewable by anyone.

“… the school has a policy of throwing away old books when no one else wants to accept them,” the student alleged to Sutcliffe.

“I can understand how you interpreted the video, but I want to assure you that that is not the truth. Yes, books ended up in the trash collector, but it was not at all because of some left-wing purge of ideas.”

The student went on to claim that he was told to scrap the entire tub of books and played no role in selecting which books to discard. They were all apparently chosen for him by the unnamed librarian.

“… most of them were either outdated, deteriorating, or extra copies of existing books,” the student added. “Many of the books were not political at all; I simply noticed that some of them were and decided to make a satire of it.”

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