Twitter allowing hackers to spread personal information about GiveSendGo donors, subjecting them to doxxing

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Image: Twitter allowing hackers to spread personal information about GiveSendGo donors, subjecting them to doxxing

(Natural News) Twitter is currently being used as a weapon to target freedom-loving individuals who are donating to the truckers and Freedom Convoys that are rising up around the world. According to a report from the Daily Caller News Foundation, Twitter is allowing hackers to spread personal information about the GiveSendGo donors so they can be threatened and doxxed, their livelihoods destroyed. Despite these attacks, these donors are growing in number. They want to show their support for the brave men and women who are standing up to medical tyranny and unlawful vaccine mandates.

Freedom Convoy donors are being threatened and doxxed

Donations to the Freedom Convoys were first seized by the crowd-funding site, GoFundMe. In a blatant act of fraud, GoFundMe threatened to disburse millions of dollars in donations to outside organizations of their own choosing. After being caught in this blatant act of fraud, GoFundMe is returning donations back to the individual donors. Now, freedom-loving individuals are entrusting a Christian crowd-funding site to handle their donations and make sure that the truckers are supported in their historic protest against vaccine mandates.

But the donors and peaceful pro-freedom protestors will face increasing persecution in the days ahead. After raising over $10 million for the Convoys, GiveSendGo was hacked. So far, GiveSendGo has defied the Ontario government and will not freeze the trucker’s funds. The Canadian government, however, is doubling down and weaponizing the banks against the people to stop all transactions related to the Freedom Convoys. Justin Trudeau is freezing the bank accounts of people fighting to stop vaccine mandates. Now social media sites like Twitter are being used to target the individual donors.


Twitter breaks with their own privacy policies to takedown Freedom Convoys

In the past, Twitter stopped hackers from spreading personal information that led to privacy breaches and threats to people’s lives. Twitter has policies in place that stop the spread of any material that has been obtained through “unauthorized access or interception, or access that exceeds authorization to a computer, network, or electronic device, including breaches or intrusions.” Twitter explicitly states that they will ban “use of our services to directly distribute content obtained through hacking by the people or groups associated with a hack.”

Twitter used these policies unfairly to interfere in the 2020 Presidential election by stopping the spread of information related to Hunter Biden’s laptop. But today, Twitter ignores their own policies and openly allows innocent people to be targeted and doxxed. Twitter is allowing posts with personal identifiable information to remain on the platform. The posts contain private information about Freedom Convoy donors, including full names, zip codes, email handles, personal messages and IP addresses.

This information is being used to destroy businesses and scare individuals into submission with government mandates. These mandates now include dictating what people must inject in their bodies, where they can travel, what they can speak about, and how they must spend their money! The Canadian government is using the banking system to intimidate and control people’s behavior. Twitter will protect Hunter Biden and hide incriminating information on him, but they will openly allow hackers to target individuals who are pro-health freedom and pro-informed consent.

However, the repeated attacks have not stopped GiveSendGo and the Freedom Convoys. GiveSendGo reports: “The funds from the Freedom Convoy are not frozen contrary to what you might be hearing on the news. GiveSendGo is working with many different campaign organizers to find the most effective legal ways to continue funds flowing.” As the attacks keeping coming, donors should feel even more emboldened to step up and help stop these out-of-control, tyrannical governments. All mandates must end, and governments must learn their proper role.

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