Dr. Ryan Cole: Ivermectin proven effective against COVID despite what government agencies say

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Image: Dr. Ryan Cole: Ivermectin proven effective against COVID despite what government agencies say

(Natural News) Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole defended ivermectin from attacks by government agencies, noting that many studies conducted worldwide have proven its effectiveness as treatment for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Cole said ivermectin is much more than just an anti-parasitic drug for animals. “It’s a molecule and fascinatingly, it works against viruses, too. Not just [SARS-CoV-2], but a bunch of other viruses as well,” he said.

“Four billion people on the planet have taken this medication since the 1980s. This medication won the Nobel Prize for the discoverer. It is on the world’s safest and most essential drugs list. [Ivermectin] only [had] one or two deaths out of four billion, and those people had a genetic disorder.”

According to Cole, countries around the world conducted trials on ivermectin. Many of them eventually adopted the drug as part of their COVID-19 protocols. “While we said ‘Everybody, go home and let your lips turn blue and [then] come to the hospital,’ the rest of the world said ‘Well, let’s try it.'”

As an example, Cole shared how the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh managed to control COVID-19 by means of ivermectin. “They put little blister packs together for two cents, gave it out to their entire population. They’re at their grocery stores and theaters, walking around there. They’re back to normal life,” he said.

An October 2021 report by the Gateway Pundit attested to this. According to the piece, Uttar Pradesh saw its COVID-19 cases plummet following its use of ivermectin. Seventy-one of the 75 districts in the northern Indian state, which is home to more than 200 million people, reported zero COVID-19 infections 24 hours after adopting the ivermectin protocol.


Furthermore, the COVID-19 recovery rate in Uttar Pradesh increased to 98.7 percent. Despite the fact that it has the lowest vaccination rate among all Indian states, it has also recorded the lowest number of COVID-19 infections among the group. (Related: Ivermectin documented as “miracle drug” for COVID-19 that could save millions of lives – so why aren’t health officials endorsing it?)

Government agencies have doubts on ivermectin

“In August [2020], we found out that it killed the coronavirus – 99.9 percent – in petri dish studies. The NIH [National Institutes of Health], what did they do? They recommended against it. They did [in vitro studies] on monkey cells instead of human lung cells. They were like ‘Oh, the dose would have to be too high.’ They fudged the data,” said Cole.

He also criticized how the NIH focused on studies that showed ivermectin may have had no benefit at all when it comes to COVID-19. “Some of the data from the world was presented. The NIH hemmed and hawed; they only looked at 11 studies instead of the tens of other studies, and they’re like ‘Well, there’s one that shows maybe no benefit.'”

“It is an approved medication, it is safe. Is it off-label? Yes. Is the [Food and Drug Administration] approving it yet? No. Because the smart doctors around the world, they’re like ‘Oh, they’re not smart enough. Only American doctors are smart; we have to do the trials here,'” Cole continued.

“Meanwhile, Pfizer got their approval from studies overseas, not done here. It’s absolutely hypocritical of our three-letter agencies to be approving certain things that were done overseas, and then not approving things that were done overseas.”

Had government officials approved ivermectin for use against COVID-19 instead of suppressing it, the more than 500,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. could have been reduced by around 375,000, Cole argued. “There is blood on the hands of bureaucrats in Washington, [D.C.] who have suppressed this life-saving medication,” he said.

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Watch Dr. Ryan Cole espousing the benefits of ivermectin below.

This video is from The Big Logic channel on Brighteon.com.

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