CONFIRMED: Covid “vaccine” vials definitely contain graphene oxide

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Image: CONFIRMED: Covid “vaccine” vials definitely contain graphene oxide

(Natural News) Scientists in the United Kingdom recently conducted a forensic examination into the contents of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” leading them to discover that the mystery fluid is loaded with graphene oxide.

These graphene nanomaterials, they learned, are capable of penetrating the body’s natural barriers, including the blood-brain barrier. This can damage the central nervous system and internal organs, as well as destroy blood health, trigger cancer, and cause permanent changes to gene function.

A British medical practitioner who was damaged by vaccines herself came forward back in December to assist in the investigation. The aim was to determine whether earlier evidence of graphene oxide in the vials could be verified a second time, which it was. (Related: A Spanish news outlet confirmed that covid “vaccine” vials contain up to 99 percent graphene oxide.)

This doctor seized an injection vial from a refrigerator housed in the surgery where she works. She then gave it to an independent investigator who helps with investigating cases related to injuries caused by the injections.

Since that time, additional vials were obtained for analysis as well. Now, the research covers the three main covid jab manufacturers in the U.K.: Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

The final report, entitled “Qualitative Evaluation of Inclusions in Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines,” was presented to the police involved with U.K. Criminal Case 6029679/21, which the authors say constitutes more than enough reasonable suspicion, if not verifiable evidence, that serious indictable offenses have been committed with regard to the administration of these experimental “treatments.”


“The report contains the toxicology reports of injection vials that have been forensically examined, with findings that provide ‘more than enough grounds’ for the Police to apply for the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Warrant and seize injection vials for themselves,” reports the Daily Exposé.

“The Police will then be able to submit them to a Home Office Laboratory with a view to replicate the findings and will enable them to possess their own hard evidence to support serious indictable offences … Additionally, the police, in line with the duty of care to the public, have been asked to request the immediate cessation of the experimental treatment rollout.”

All covid vaccines contain graphene nanoparticles, study finds

It turns out that none of the aforementioned covid injection manufacturers list graphene or carbon-related nanostructures in the form of carbon or graphene composites in their ingredients lists. They also fail to mention the presence of graphene in association with polyethylene glycol, graphene oxide, iron oxide compounds and calcite.

And yet all of these ingredients and more were identified in the vials, proving contamination if not the deliberate poisoning of people with metallic chemicals. Here are all of the mystery ingredients identified:

1. Graphene nano ribbons coated with polyethylene glycol
2. Graphene composite Form 1
3. Graphene composite Form 2
4. Microcrystalline calcite with carbonaceous inclusions
5. Graphene nano form with and without fluorescence
6. Graphene nano objects
7. Graphene nano scrolls

Imagery of these contaminants and the specific vials they were found in can be viewed at the Exposé.

“All three vaccines commonly employ the self-assembling lipid nanoparticles as drug delivery mechanisms,” the Exposé reports. “Where the central find of this project has been the confirmation of the presence of graphene in all four samples, it is important to evaluate this find in the context of the subject itself.”

“It is also important to mention, that the source of fluorescence within the samples was unknown while the investigations were underway, and due to tight timescales were not able to be investigated at the time.”

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