California Democrats introduce bill to force vaccinations on all employees, even those who work in the private sector

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Image: California Democrats introduce bill to force vaccinations on all employees, even those who work in the private sector

(Natural News) New legislation proposed in California would require that all employees, including in the private sector, get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Democrat politicians put forth the bill, which would also require that all employees who qualify for a medical or religious exemption get regularly “tested” with a fraudulent swab “test.”

“New employees would have to get at least one dose by the time they start work and the second dose within 45 days of being on the job,” reported ABC News.

Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) introduced the bill several months after delaying an original proposal last fall. The previous version would have allowed for workers to submit weekly testing as an alternative to getting injected, but the new bill does not include that option.

Even though California leans “left” politically (at least according to the official vote count every election), jab mandates are not as popular as you might think in the Golden State.

Over the past year and a half, there have been many protests across the state, including at the Capitol building in Sacramento. State Republicans are also blasting Wicks’ fascist proposal.

According to Wicks, a mandate like the one she has proposed is needed in California, even though the plandemic has long since fizzled out to become little more than a bad seasonal flu.

“That’s fundamentally what this bill is about,” Wicks maintains.

“Getting back to some sense of normalcy so we can go on with our lives, and we don’t have these constant interruptions and outbreaks and all these things that we’ve been experiencing for so long.”


Californians: Speak up now or lose your right to live unvaccinated

If passed (God forbid), the mandate would remain in place until the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ends its own unconstitutional jab requirement.

“The bill would require state health and occupational safety officials to advise employers on what qualifies as a medical condition, disability, religious belief and valid vaccination status,” reports explain.

“Businesses that didn’t comply would face penalties that have yet to be determined.”

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher is speaking out against Wicks’ proposed mandate, even though he himself has chosen to get injected.

“Telling people they can’t feed their family unless they get the vaccine is just wrong,” he said.

“I trust Californians enough to treat them like adults who can make their own health care decisions. It’s unfortunate that a few Democrats in the Legislature don’t.”

Jonathan Keller, president of the conservative California Family Council advocacy group, agrees. He stated that governments should never try to force employers to fire people over personal medical decisions.

Sen. Scott Wiener, another Democrat, also introduced a bill that would allow for children 12 years of age and older to consent to vaccination without their parents’ permission.

Sen. Richard Pan, also a Democrat, is fully on board with the plan and even wants to take it a step further.

According to reports, Pan wants to eliminate the personal belief exemption for school-based Fauci Flu shot requirements. Pan also says workers should be forced to get injected for covid because “having a safe workplace is essential to … keeping our economy going.”

It is important to point out that so-called covid “vaccines” do not prevent infection or spread. In fact, there is no evidence that they do much of anything beyond damaging the immune system and triggering VAIDS (vaccine-induced AIDS).

“Natural immunity does not wear off in 4-6 months like the vaccines do and natural immunity has zero side effects,” pointed out a commenter at ABC News.

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