Health Ranger predicts Big Pharma to suffer same fate as Big Tobacco

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Image: Health Ranger predicts Big Pharma to suffer same fate as Big Tobacco

(Natural News) The Health Ranger Mike Adams urged people victimized by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines to bring everyone responsible to justice via the legal system on his “Situation Update” podcast last Feb. 11. He predicted that Big Pharma will suffer the same fate as Big Tobacco – limited by regulation and forced to shell out huge amounts in settlements.

The Brighteon founder mentioned the time when cigarette manufacturers had full-page advertisements in medical journals. “Back in the 1950s, [this cigarette ad said] ‘More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette.’ That was a full page ad in the Journal of the American Medical Association [JAMA],” he said.

Adams continued that such advertisements printed in JAMA even purported several “benefits” of smoking – such as being good for the teeth, improving one’s attention and focus and boosting cognitive performance.

“Doctors were all getting paid off by Big Tobacco to promote cigarettes. You walk in and the doctor [asks]: ‘Have you been vaccinated?’ It’s the same thing, folks, except the vaccines are [deadlier] than cigarettes. Smoking takes decades to kill; the vaccine could kill you in two weeks. Smoking causes heart disease, but vaccines clot your blood in the first month.”

The Health Ranger pointed out that unlike vaccines, cigarettes do not cause people to pass out. “I don’t remember anybody just like passing out and dying from smoking, but that’s been caused by vaccines every day. Cigarettes weren’t even that dangerous compared to vaccines,” he said.


Adams cited as example the soccer players who collapsed on the field while playing, with some of them dying of cardiac arrest. He also mentioned comedian Heather MacDonald who, despite being vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19, collapsed while doing a comedy routine on stage. (Related: 5 more vaccinated soccer players DIE of heart attack.)

Ultimately, Adams mentioned that both cigarettes and vaccines were “the same scam.” He explained: “It’s just different corporations poisoning humanity for profit, while the corrupt health authorities go along with it and get paid kickbacks.”

Hefty settlements in sight for Big Pharma

“At some point, the era of Big Tobacco came to an end. That was the 1990s, when there was that big congressional hearing of the Big Tobacco CEOs. They all raised their hands and swore nicotine is not addictive. That’s the same thing as vaccine manufacturers saying ‘Oh yes, vaccines are safe and effective.’ It’s the same thing, it’s the same lie,” Adams said.

In 1998, major cigarette makers entered into a settlement with 46 state governments that sued them in court. The agreement, called Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA), stipulated that tobacco firms are prohibited from marketing their products to children and teenagers. It also mandated the companies to pay $9 billion every year in perpetuity. Furthermore, the MSA called for tobacco companies to disband lobbying groups that espouse Big Tobacco’s interests.

“There were massive settlements, and the Big Tobacco companies had to give up billions of dollars in profits. That was a lot of money back then. Even today, every product they sell [has] a massive tax that goes to the states and the federal government as well,” said the Health Ranger.

“You can still buy cigarettes, but Big Tobacco’s days of being able to push their products in the medical journals ended. They’re not able to advertise like they used to advertise. You don’t see Big Tobacco sponsoring sporting events, for example. You don’t see Big Tobacco ads in magazines.”

Adams continued: “There’s a day coming soon when Big Pharma won’t be able to advertise on TV, magazines [and other] media as well. Big Pharma is going to be taken down, and they’re going to be looted. There’s [going to] be massive settlements with the states and the federal government to remove probably hundreds of billions of dollars in profits from these vaccine manufacturers – and to even take the money away from the executives of Big Pharma that were part of this conspiracy to mass murder humanity with their toxic, deadly clot shots.”

“Look at the Big Tobacco settlements and how Big Tobacco ended, because that gives you a lot of information about what’s going to happen with Big Pharma,” he concluded.

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Listen to the Feb. 11 edition of the “Situation Update” podcast below.

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