Out of the blue, Washington, D.C., suddenly drops covid “vaccine” mandate

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Image: Out of the blue, Washington, D.C., suddenly drops covid “vaccine” mandate

(Natural News) Residents of and visitors to our nation’s capital will soon no longer have to wear a face mask inside businesses, bars and health clubs, according to a new announcement.

The District of Columbia put out a new “Indoor Mask Requirements” infographic explaining the changes that are about to come starting on March 1. Here is where masks will no longer be required at the start of next month:

Restaurants and bars
Sports and entertainment venues
Gyms, recreation centers and indoor athletic facilities
Houses of worship
Grocery stores and pharmacies
Retail establishments
D.C. government offices and areas with no public interaction

The following environments will still require masks on March 1 and thereafter:

Any private business that wants to voluntarily require the use of masks by employees or customers
Schools, childcare facilities and libraries
Congregate facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, shelters, dorms and correctional facilities
Healthcare and medical facilities
Public transit, taxis and rideshare vehicles
D.C. government facilities with direct interaction between employees and the public (i.e., DMV service centers, DHS service centers)

Metropolitan D.C., including Maryland and Virginia, lifting mask and jab mandates

Interestingly, D.C. is also ending its jab mandate, albeit two weeks prior to the mask mandate. The “science” that was used to come up with the timeline remains unknown.

The changes are coming after D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that it is time to “dial back” certain plandemic provisions amid declining “case” rates.


Similar changes are occurring in nearby Maryland, where Gov. Larry Hogan announced that his state’s mask mandate for state buildings will end on February 22, and soon for public schools as well.

Virginia lawmakers are also trying to pass legislation outlawing public school mask mandates throughout the Commonwealth after some “educators” and administrators threatened to imprison unmasked children.

Back in D.C., Bowser says that patrons at area businesses will no longer need to show proof of injection, aka a “vaccine passport,” before entering. Businesses can choose of their own accord, however, to continue being fascists.

“We are in a much better place now,” Bowser declared about D.C. “We went into the winter and omicron … [and] we put these measures in place. We’ve seen a precipitous drop in case levels. This is where we’ve landed.”

Bowser claims that cases of the Fauci Flu throughout D.C. have declined by some 90 percent, while hospitalization rates for the omicron (moronic) variant have plummeted by 95 percent.

Government workers in D.C. will still be required to wear a mask and be fully jabbed, it is important to note. Eligible schoolchildren are also still being forced to get injected if they have not already rolled up their sleeves.

Starting on February 26, D.C.’s long-running program of Wuhan Flu testing at designated firehouses will also be retired. Instead, interested residents and visitors are being told to visit the district’s all-new “COVID Centers.”

Many other Democrat leaders across the country from New York to California are following suit with dropping the mask and jab mandates, possibly because the midterm elections are fast approaching.

“We do believe that we’ve gotten the push out of the vaccine requirement for indoor venues that we’re going to get,” Bowser added in a statement.

Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, the current director of D.C. Health, said that the initial imposition of restrictions following the unveiling of the moronic variant produced a spike in the number of people who agreed to get jabbed.

Upwards of 90 percent of the district is now said to be fully or partially vaccinated, while just over 70 percent are now considered to be fully vaccinated.

The latest news about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) can be found at Pandemic.news.

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