Health Ranger calls out mainstream media for pushing “scamdemic” while media giants are getting paid off by Big Pharma

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Image: Health Ranger calls out mainstream media for pushing “scamdemic” while media giants are getting paid off by Big Pharma

(Natural News) The Health Ranger Mike Adams called for the criminal prosecution of Big Pharma and its allies during the Feb. 11 edition of his “Situation Update” podcast. He zeroed in on mainstream media (MSM) outlets that conspired with Big Pharma to push the “scamdemic.”

Adams outlined the personalities that need to be held accountable, such as the CEOs of Big Pharma companies. He also mentioned the journalists who “served as propaganda mouthpieces to get people killed.” Furthermore, Adams said the Big Tech CEOs and corporations who “silenced the truth” and censored “those who were trying to speak out and blow the whistle” must also be brought to justice through the legal system.

“Right now, one of the biggest priorities of what all of us need to be doing is simply documenting what happening, because we need to create videos and documents. We need to note the names of those who are involved in this,” Adams said.

“We need to remember who these people are and what they did. We need to remember and document their crimes against humanity, and be ready to submit to the war crimes tribunals that will be launched.”

The Health Ranger, however, clarified that these tribunals to prosecute those responsible for the fraud will not happen in a short period of time. “Now, this process may take several years – I’m not saying it’s going to be tomorrow. But it’s now clear that they lost the COVID war. This whole thing is going to flip.”

MSM and Big Pharma should be prosecuted, made to apologize

Adams read an article from State of the Nation (SOTN), which argued that a tidal wave of lawsuits against Big Pharma will eventually cause its downfall. According to the piece, the pharmaceutical firms that manufactured the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) injections “committed egregious fraud in the rollout of their extremely dangerous and deadly injections.”


The SOTN piece also pointed out that the manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S. – Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson – are not the only ones looking at a potential lawsuit in the works. “All the other vaccine manufacturers are also culpable of perpetrating a multi-decade criminal conspiracy” through the mandatory childhood shots and the adult flu vaccination program, it said.

Adams zoomed in on a section in the article that named the MSM as a co-conspirator in the scheme to depopulate the United States. “The corporate mainstream media is also a willful accomplice in the … highly organized and well-planned COVID depopulation scheme,” it said.

According to the Natural News founder, the MSM “took money from Big Pharma” and “lied to push Big Pharma products to earn more money while people were being killed by those very products.” He continued: “There is criminal and civil liability in Big Media, [and] all those media organizations that pushed [the vaccines] … are complicit in murderous fraud. Their day of reckoning is coming.”

He also exhorted the media to “issue massive apologies” to the whistleblowers censored for revealing the truth, such as Dr. Robert Malone and Brighteon.TV hosts Dr. Jane Ruby and Stew Peters. The latter was banned from audio streaming service Spotify for allegedly touting “dangerous, false or deceptive content about COVID-19.” (Related: Stew Peters banned by iHeartRadio and Spotify – catch his show on Brighteon.TV where the truth will never be censored.)

“They all deserve an apology, and probably you do too,” said Adams.

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Listen to the Feb. 11 edition of the “Situation Update” podcast below.

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